About Not Giving Up!

Dette bildet ble nesten litt symbolsk når man velger å se det i en større sammenheng?
Jeg har tidligere sagt at livet kommer uten garantier!? Og de fleste vil ha opplevd at livet kan være fullt av ‘snubletråder’? At man er på god vei opp og frem, – og så skjer det plutselig noe. Her symbolisert ved av at et livsfriskt tre plutselig kuttes av på midten!
Men et tre med respekt for seg selv legger seg aldri ned i veikanten og dør. Selv ikke om de kuttes ved roten! Livsviljen er sterkere enn som så! Her symbolisert ved nye livskraftige skudd som reiser seg mot himmelen.
Da kan det være en ide – nå ved inngangen til det nye år – og reflektere litt over at det gjelder de fleste av oss! Snubler du inn i det nye år så reis deg opp, løft hodet og gå stolt videre. Dette fikser du! Og mitt ønske om et godt nytt år får du med deg på veien!
Og det går til alle dere andre (som fortsatt står oppreist) også!
This picture suddenly became a bit symbolic if one chooses to observe in a larger context?
Previously I have stated that life comes without any guarantees?! An most of you will have experienced that lif may be full of ‘tripwires’ in different forms?
You’re going full speed aahead, everything looking grand – and then suddenly there is a dead stop ahead!? Here symbolized by this strong healthy tree, which on day suddenly were cut down to size! But – a selfrespecting tree doesn’t just lie down to die by the roadside. Not even cut down by its roots! It puts up a fight! The will to go on living is somewhat stronger than that! Here symbolized by new healthy sprouts rising towards the sky!
Then I feel it to be a good idea – now entering the new year –  to remind you all that this ‘will to live’ lies dormant in all of us?! If you feel you’re more or less stumbling into the new year,- stand up, lift your head and walk on proudly! You can handle this!
And my wish for a best possible new year will be with you all the way, as it will also for the rest of you (already standing) 🙂

(Compliments of SRB)
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About Seenorway

'See Norway' vil i fremtid befatte seg med å vise bildereportasjer fra byer, kommuner og tettsteder rundt i Norge. 'See Norway' will take pride in showing you picture reports from communities and settlements throughout Norway. Contact: post@roby.no
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16 Responses to About Not Giving Up!

  1. Wonderful advice my friend.. A lot of trees were topped this way a couple of years ago now, and I am happy to say, they too are not giving up, but sprouting wonderful tops just like the one in your photo..
    Wishing you a Very Happy New Year Svein, May it be filled with Happiness, Health and Harmony and of course Lots of wonderful new images for us to share in..
    Take care out there in the snow.. Here no snow, Just high winds and rain.. xxx
    Sue 🙂

    • Seenorway says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Sue, and I’ll try to keep sharing through the year of 2018, but you’d better enjoy my pictures whilst you can. All guarantees are off these days, and I’ll work my blog one month at a time in the year to come. As you know, I’ll be passing another ‘milestone’ in another couple of weeks.

      • You are one remarkable man my friend.. and we all take one day at a time.. I have been off line deliberately so.. As I had my granddaughter stay.. These are the real gems in life..
        Love and well wishes Svein.. And I hope you will share with us your new Milestone Celebrations.. 😉

        • Seenorway says:

          Not so remarkable as I’d like to think, Sue, 🙂 and 81 isn’t a ’round figure’, thus it doesn’t call for celebrations of any kind. Just a number indicating that I’m one year closer to the end! May be I’ll reach 85 one day, but we don’t know anything about that. And I’m really not interested to know either!
          Meanwhile I’ll keep shooting pictures and talk to you my good friends friends. I ask no more!

  2. C.E.Robinson says:

    Excellent message, Svein! No stumbling into 2018 allowed. Happy New Year! 🎉 Christine

  3. -Eugenia says:

    Excellent post to reflect on for the new year! Trees don’t give up living, which is a good lesson for humans. We can learn a lot from nature if we would just listen.

  4. Positive…what ever faces us, its the only way. Best wishes for the New Year

  5. Paola says:

    Thanks a lot, it’s really sweet from you. Happy New Year!

  6. niasunset says:

    Happy New Year, Love, nia

  7. cichosza says:

    dużo szczęścia w nowym Roku

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