Jeg var nok litt i raskeste laget da jeg skrev at Julens snøfall antagelig ville forsvinne i løpet av noen dager, men – det gjorde det jo. Problemet var bare at vi umiddelbart fikk en lengre periode med regn som frøs til såkalt ‘underkjølt regn’ så fort det traff bakken.
Deretter kom det umiddelbart et nytt snøfall, så nå ser vår verden plutselig noe annerledes ut!  Her noen bilder tatt i mine nære omgivelser idag!
I was perhaps a bit hasty when I predicted that the Christmas snow would soon disappear?
But it really did. The problem was that we received heavy rains for nearly two days in a row which immediately froze to ice as so called undercooled rain. Then the snow came back and suddenly our world looks quite different from last week! Here a number of pictures taken today in my immediate surroundings!Som dere ser, er Julestemningen plutselig tilbake?
As you may see, the Christmas atmosphere is suddenly back?
Det litt spennende er jo det høyst spesielle lyset. Som dere ser, ligger det et lokalt uværssenter over skogen i bakgrunnen og – det skaper en mulighet til å fremheve kontraster i forhold til den hvite snøen som nå ligger i busker og trær –

The exiting part is the special ‘light’. As you may observe, there is a local low lying across the woods in the back of the pictures and – it offers an opportunity to enhance the contrasts in comparison to the white snow now lying on brushes as well as trees –
På dette siste bildet har jeg benyttet et litt annet filter. Kanskje blir bildet en anelse ‘kaldere’, men på den annen side blir kontraster enda mer uthevet. Tenkte kanskje det kunne være morsomt å se forskjellen?

In this last picture I’ve been using another filter. Perhaps the picture may seem a bit ‘colder’, but on the other hand contrasts are even more enhanced. Thought perhaps you’d like to see the difference?

(Compliments of SRB)
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15 Responses to Snowfall

  1. -Eugenia says:

    Beautiful photos, and it’s interesting that snow can take on different shades of white. I am especially fond of the last one. A perfect candidate for a wall hanging.

    • Seenorway says:

      That’s the beauty of our hobby, working with the product like any wood carver, painter or blacksmith trying to optimize all that’s there, but easy overlooked if you haven’t got the time to study it intently! It’s said that there’s more to the world than what meets the eye, and since eyes may be beautiful and still very different, this statement holds some truth!

  2. cichosza says:

    piękne zimowe fotografie …

  3. That light is rather special….and that snow and ice is nice to look at. But glad it is your side the North Sea. So far we are living in a vacuum with snow all round us (about 10 miles away at its nearest) whilst we swing from rain to sunshine, -1c to 12c. As we have said before an odd year for weather swings. 🙂

  4. SindrElf says:

    Aaah, this is lovely ^^

  5. C.E.Robinson says:

    Beautiful snow photos, Svein! I noticed the contrast with the different filter, and liked it the best. Snow is “cold.” Happy New Year! 🎉 Christine

  6. These are beautiful Svein. And yes the snow returned here today, although we escaped more lightly than other parts today..
    Wishing you a Wonderful New Year my friend.. I know I said I would see you in the new year.. But I spotted you post.. and related back to hubby your comment.. He laughed, and said there are many in that particular club.. 🙂
    Enjoy … Hugs Sue xx

  7. niasunset says:

    WOW! What a snow photographs! Amazing. Thank you, they are all so beautiful. I hope you are not outside and watching from the window 🙂 Happy New Year, Love, nia

    • Seenorway says:

      Thank you, Nia!
      What I’m trying to do here is to show you that snow isn’t just snow, white comes in many shades and – depending on the filters used you may create your own very special atmosphere. Hoping I have succeeded? 🙂

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