Nov. 14th

Dette er igrunnen ikke et hyggelig bilde, men mer en dokumentasjon på at vinteren har kommet og at det antagelig blir noe færre bilder i tiden fremover. Selvsagt finnes det mange motiver basert på snø, men uansett vil det meste være hvitt . . .
Tidligere år har vi vært så heldige at snøen har latt vente på seg i ytterligere en måned – minst, men i år kom den i slutten av Nov. mer som vanlig er!
This is actually not a very nice picture; more to document that on Nov. 14th the winter arrived and  that there won’t be quite as many pictures in the time to come. <of course one may find motives based on snow, but nevertheless  it’ll all be mostly white . . .
In earlier years we’ve had the luck not getting the winter here before mid December, but this year mid November – more like the usual.
Og bare for kontrastens skyld: Denne lille karen besøkte oss igår (Nov. 13.) hvor det var langt flere farger i bildene.

And just to underline the contrast:  This little guy visited us yesterday (Nov- 13th) when it was far more colors in my pictures.

(Compliments of SRB)
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15 Responses to Nov. 14th

  1. Gosh, that snow does look pretty!

  2. So well camouflaged on her so pleased you showed him in his glory in the next post as I work back wards.. Oh boy you have been busy since I was last here xx

  3. Paola says:

    It’s snowing in Italy as well, central regions

  4. Linne says:

    Svein, I don’t have time just now to visit all your pages (wish I did!). I have been looking at the tour of Lillehammer, where my Morfar was born in 1890, and then wanted to visit Trondhjem / Trondheim, where my Mormor was born in 1891. But I can’t find any photos for that city. Is it possible that I am not looking in the right place? I did use your search box to look for Trondheim and for Sor-Trondelag. I may have the spelling wrong, if so, I apologize. I am taking a trip to the UK next year and if I am lucky I will get across to Norway, too. I wish I could see all of it, but time and budget will not permit. I do want to see the farm where my Morfar was born and also Nidaros Cathedral, as I know my family would have worshipped there and perhaps they will have birth, death and marriage records of at least some of my relatives. I hope so, anyway.

    I will visit here again; it’s a wonderful resource that you have organized and posted. I particularly appreciate that the posts are in both Norwegian and English, as I only know a few words of Norsk. Like “Tusen Takk” and I truly mean that! I wish I could share this with my Auntie, who is the last of her father’s first family. She is 92 and made a trip to Norway in her late 70s with one of her older brothers. They had such a wonderful time that she talks about it to me every night when I phone her. I have copies of all the photos my uncle took on that trip, luckily, as they were lost after his death.

    Some of our family were involved in the Telemark Resistance, although of course no names were mentioned in the book “The Heroes of Telemark”. I do hope I get to visit the farm there and see the trapdoor that was kept hidden and through which the men went down to stop the Nazis.

    In any case, I must go now. Tusen Takk again. ~ Linne

    • Seenorway says:

      Good morning, Linne, and welcome to my blog! Originally this blog was made especially for people like you, but it has proven difficult to get in contact with Norwegian expats and where there was previously a lot of hyperlinks in my reports, there are almost none to be found today.
      Unfortunately you’re quite right about the city of Trondheim. There are practically no pictures from that city. I had a colleague up there all set to take on that job, but the cancer got to him before he really got started. Another girl said she’d help me, but didn’t pick the kind of motives I wished for.
      So – the city of Trondheim remains a ‘blank’! However there is a rather large report from ‘the city of Rjukan’ in Telemark which I’m sure you’ll enjoy!

      By the way, absolutely all photo reports on this blog is in dual language – English and Norwegian! May be not in a direct translation, but the general meaning is there! You’re quite right about using the little search box, but there is also another way – much easier that the traditional archives:
      Please open any post at all! At the end you’ll find a hyperlink taking you to my ‘INDEX’. Select your county – like Telemark. Look under ‘R’ and you will probably find the report from Rjukan in seconds! Or insert Rjukan into the search box like you did before!

      There are nearly 7 000 pictures from Norway published on this blog – all in ‘full screen’ – and more will be coming. May be even from Trondheim one of these days. I’d love to do the job, but for such a report I’d like to have spring or summer situations.

      I hope this was of some help to you and wish you welcome back!

  5. Seenorway says:

    You can say that again, Eugenia. My guest are very pensive from time to time, but there will be a new batch of pictures tomorrow!

  6. Seenorway says:

    And a few hours after this photo was taken, the sun came through!
    And I suddenly became a very popular man and ‘ the center of things’.
    Pictures will be posted tomorrow!

  7. -Eugenia says:

    Hmm, in the second photo, who is looking at who?

  8. C.E.Robinson says:

    Still a lovely snow photo! Thank you, Svein. Do not get snow here in Southern California! The red berries are very festive. 🌷 Christine

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