Best friend ever –

I tidligere år pleide vi også å nyte selskap av vår beste venn på turen.
En boxer som elsket turen og også alle bær han kunne finne underveis!
Jeg beklager at litt for mye av bildet forsvant under konvertering til 16:9-format.

In earlier years we used to be accompanied by our best and most lyal friend on the trip –
a boxer that loved our trips and with them all the berries he could find 🙂
I sorry that too much of the picture had to be cut away in converting to 16:9 format.
Her tar vi oss en liten pause mens vi nyter terrenget, naturen og utsikten . . .
Og selvsagt en liten lunch og en kopp varm kaffe!

And here we’re having a small ‘breather’ enjoying the terrain, the nature and the view . . .
And, of course, a bite to eat and a warm cup of coffee!

(Compliments of SRB)
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12 Responses to Best friend ever –

  1. -Eugenia says:

    Our four-legged furry friends are priceless. Great photo of a cherished memory.

  2. vestlending says:

    Ja ingenting er mer trofast enn hunden! Flotte bilder Svein!

  3. Beautiful company and beautiful red flowers! Great place! 🙂

  4. Seenorway says:

    He’s long gone now, but never forgotten!

  5. SjursnesFoto says:

    Nydelig hund… Hærli å gå i marka med sin firbente venn. Her hos meg er det snø nå.

  6. Always ‘Best Friends’ and always will be remembered. I still take Carla on walks with me (in my mind) though she is no longer with us and I am sure our Buster still looks for her old companion expecting her to jump out from behind one of the many trees.

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