Mountain Panorama

Dette panoramabildet er tatt ikke så langt fra toppen av Flydalsjuvet utenfor Geiranger.
(Hvis du vil se mer fra Geiranger-distriktet, finnes det flere større foto-reportasjer derfra!) Dessverre måtte naturen vike for beskjæring til 16:9-format – noe vi nødig gjør, men i dette tilfellet helt nødvendig.

This panorama shot was found near the top of ‘Flydalsjuvet’ just outside of the renowned destination called ‘Geiranger’. (There are several photo reports from Geiranger if you want to see more from this part of the country!)
Unfortunately some of the nature in this picture had to give way for converting to 16:9-format, something we always try to avoid, but in this case unfortunately unavoidable!

(Compliments of SRB)
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6 Responses to Mountain Panorama

  1. Crisego says:

    What a view!!! Gorgeous! You can also check some photos of “Bucovina”, “Maramures”, “Magura”, “Moeciu”, “Ceahlau” (These are regions from my country, Romania. Splendid regions). Oh, and I am CristianVPhotography 😀 This is the username from my personal blog.

  2. Beautiful Mountain View.. xx

  3. vestlending says:

    ok tenkte det kanskje var enda tidligere?

  4. vestlending says:

    Virker som det er tatt litt tidlig på sommeren?

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