Tripods and Professionals

Jeg ser til stadighet profesjonelle yrkesfotografer som bærer på tunge tripoder og kilovis med optikk. Selv er jeg alt for gammel til denslags, men – jeg har ofte lurt på om bildene blir så veldig mye bedre? Jo, selvsagt, under ekstreme forhold, men sånn til vanlig?

Så under nogenlunde normale lysforhold bestemte jeg meg for å teste dette i praksis.
På kameraet har jeg et 300 mm teleobjektiv, men fordi jeg bruker et såkalt FT-kamera, så er dette jevngodt med en 600 mm linse.  Kameraet har en 5 aksers stabilisator, men for å eliminere mest mulig av mulig vibrasjon etc. satte jeg ISO til 1250 og kunne dermed hente inn 1/800 sek. Avstanden frem til motivet har jeg i etterkant målt ut i kartet: Ca 10 km!
Og med absolutt ‘frihåndsfotografering tok jeg dette bildet.

Klikker dere det opp i ‘full format’ kan dere se ikke bare telefonstolper, men også ledningene som henger på dem. På 10 km avsatand må jeg si meg fornøyd. Og min tripode vil forbli i bilen  ( for påkommende tilfeller, men ellers ikke! 🙂  )
I have very often observed professional photographers carrying heavy tripods and an unspecified number of kilos with different lenses that might come in handy. As for myself – I’m way to old for this kind of work, butn I’ve always wondered: Will the pictures taken really be that much better? Yes, under extreme conditions, of course, but in an average situation?

So, on a day with average conditions, I decided to test my theory! On my camera I have mounted a 300 mm lense, but because I’m using a so-called FT-camera this is in effect the same as a 600 mm lense. (Crop factor x2)  My camera also have a 5 axis stabilator, but in order to eliminate as much of a vibration as possible, I set my ISO to 1250, thus getting a shutterspeed of 1/800 sec. The distance to my motif has in afterhand been measured in the map: 10 km or approximately 6,2 miles. And then – with an absolute free hand photography – I shot this picture!

If you click it into ‘full screen’ you might spot telphone poles throughout the area, but – you will also be able to see the powerlines hanging from them. You may even count how many!
And from a distance of 6,2 miles I’m happy with the result!  My tripod will remain in my car – just in case – and I’ll go on using free hand photography!(Compliments of SRB)

(Compliments of SRB )
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11 Responses to Tripods and Professionals

  1. It is wonderful you have a steady hand and a wonderful eye for your subjects Svein.. And I am afraid I am very amateurish with my digital camera, I point, stop breathing lol, and click.. :-)… xxx Great photo

  2. vestlending says:

    Beklager spørsmålet! Jeg spurte før jeg leste teksten!

  3. vestlending says:

    Er dette tatt med frihånd?

  4. Paola says:

    The colours are perfect!

    • Seenorway says:

      Thank you! I was more worried about the sharpness, but I agree: It looks OK!
      So just think of all, the heavy work I’ll be saving myself leaving the tripode in the car ! 🙂

  5. C.E.Robinson says:

    I can see the telephone poles & power lines when I zoom in (iPhone). Very nice photo. Do more like this! It’s interesting to see details, hidden by distance. 🎉 Christine

    • Seenorway says:

      Hi, Christine –
      Well, it doesn’t quite look like the rest share your opinions on this subject, but now I’ve tried it out. I did, however, get in trouble with another camera shooting the moon with a 2200
      mm lense! It seems I was breathing . . .? 🙂 But it seems to work nicely with a 600 mm!

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