My ‘Followers List’ has been upgraded!

Endelig har jeg fullført første fase av et omfattende arbeid jeg skulle ha gjort for flere år siden! Min liste – automatisk generert av WP – inneholdt navn/nick på kontakter som i noen tilfeller hadde registrert seg så tidlig som i 2012 !!! (Og omfattet nesten 1000 navn!)

Idag inneholder min liste mindre enn 200 navn! Og jeg har IKKE slettet oppføringer som har vist aktivitet i løpet av de siste 3 måneder! Men – jeg har også tatt vare på de som har gitt blaffen og som kanskje hadde en ganske annen agenda med sin registrering: Markedsføring!

Klok av skade har jeg nå laget et system hvor jeg måler aktiviteten til nye ‘følgere’ over 2-4 måneder før jeg innrømmer fast opphold! 🙂 Jeg skal ikke tilbake til en situasjon med tusenvis av følgere som jeg ikke aner noe som helst om. Men jeg håper jo at dette skal virke postivt for alle?!
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At last I have more or less completed an extensive job that I( ought to have done several years ago! My list of ‘followers’ – automatically generated by the WP programmers – including names/nicks on all my contacts, of whom some registered as early as in 2012!
(My list included close to a thousand names!)

Today my new and upgraded list includes less than 200 names! And – I have NOT deleted any name where movements have been registered over the last 3 months! But I have also saved the names/nicks deleted; the names of those that never showed up or perhaps  clearly had a different agenda with regards to their registry: Marketing purposes!

Taking my experiences to mind, I’ve made myself a system where I follow new subsribers closely over the first 2-4 months before i grant a full and permanent membership! 🙂
I’m not going back to a situation with thousands of followers, of whom I know nothing what so ever about! But I really hope, this will turn out in a positive way for all?
Let’s make this work!

(Compliments of SRB)
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11 Responses to My ‘Followers List’ has been upgraded!

  1. Good to have a clearout every now and again my friend.. I deleted over 100 a few weeks ago.. And no one was the wiser.. as they never visit 🙂

  2. I do this on WordPress and social media a few times a year. It’s always nice to clean things up a bit

    • Seenorway says:

      That is a very good idea. The problem is that you may chuck put somebody just taking a break for 3-4 months.
      I want to be absolutely sure when I delete somebody. But when it is obviously some business marketing their own services it’s much easier!

  3. Paola says:

    Very interesting, thank you. I must find the time to do the same job 😉

    • Seenorway says:

      I think most of us ought to! And I’ve been around as a active blogger since 2005.
      That ought to count for something? Looking at my own figures and earlier experiences in this field, I feel safe to warn you that 85% or more of your list of followers are long gone! Not because they don’t like what you publish, but because they really don’t have the time nor stamina to drift a blog effectively over time! Or because they had no intention of following you in the first place!

  4. C.E.Robinson says:

    Good for you, Svein! I did the same and happy about it. Still get new followers that I screen and just know some of them only want followers back. Delete, delete! Have a great weekend! Christine

    • Seenorway says:

      Yes, Christine, I know from years back that 80% of those that have ambitions for a blog give it up within the first 12 months! Of cours, this as a disasterous effect on the base of followers because no one take the trouble to delete them before closing the blog for the last time. So they’re forming the ghost squad! 🙂
      Well – done is done! mAnd by cutting my followers list from 1000 till less than 200, my traffic volume has suprisingly increased by 65%! So why didn’t I do this before?!

  5. Seenorway says:

    Hi Dina,

    The funny part – and perhaps unexpected to most – is thaty after having cut my followserfs from a thousand and down to 200, my trafficc volumes has increased with more than 65% – documenting what you just said! I thing a great many of us ought to do just that! (But it’s one hell of a job!)

  6. Seenorway says:

    Why should they talk to you? They don’t talk to me either. Large digtal bodiues has grown so much thay can no longer keep up a dialogue with their clients! And that will mean a future downfall. You just wait and see!

  7. Good idea!! If I can only get WP to fix the errors you have been experiencing! Urrr!!!!

  8. Dina says:

    I have done the same. After five years of blogging I was amazed to see how many blogs I was following. And how many are not blogging any longer! It’s easier to keep in touch and being updated with one fellow bloggers with a list of only active bloggers.
    Ha en god helg!
    Hils fra oss i North Norfolk,

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