Hallingskarvet Mountain Range

Jeg skulle gjerne ha klatret til topps for dere, men – dessverre – beina mine vil ikke være med på en slik tur lenger. Så da blir det med en liten avstands-forelskelse som dere selvsagt kan dele!
Høyeste topp er Folarskardnuten med sine 1933 meter. Gjennom de senere år har sherpaer fra Nepal besøkt Norge og bygget ‘trappetrinn’ mot toppen; noe som gjør det lettere å bestige Hallingskarvet, men – lokalisering og form på dette fjellet gjør at været kan skifte utrolig fort og at vinden mange dager gjennom året når storm styrke – oppimot 50-70 meter/sek! Vis respekt for dette fjellet før dere evt. forsøker  gjennomføre en tur mot toppen!
I would have liked to climb this mountain for you, but unfortunately my legs won’t carry me on such a trip any more! So – it’s gonna be a case of ‘distant love’ 🙂 which , of course, you may share (or re-blog)
The mountain  range include several peaks of which the highest one is named
‘Mt. Folarskardnuten’ rising 5858 feet! Through the later years visiting sherpas from Nepal have assisted in building stone steps towards the top making it easier to climb!
However, the location and the shape of it – (21,8 miles in length) of this mountain makes it a bit dangerous. More than often the winds at the top may exceed 200 feet/sec. and you need to be careful of what you wear up here! This mountain range needs to be shown a healthy respect! But it’s a beautiful mountain with a fabulous view from the top!

(Compliments of SRB )
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17 Responses to Hallingskarvet Mountain Range

  1. Well that distant love is good enough my friend.. fabulous view xx

  2. vestlending says:

    Ja det må ha vært svææære krefter i sving den gangen Hallingskjervet ble presset opp!

  3. Seenorway says:

    Well, Elizabeth, I’m not! In order to present you with a picture like this I had to drive back and forth
    approximately 400 miles! Nothing is free! ;.)

  4. Sartenada says:

    Seems awesome place. Here in Finland, there is “strong winds” also on our Arctic hills, but not so strong than You presented. 🙂

  5. Looks absolutely gorgeous and I bet you really feel on top of the world if you did climb it! Great photos! You’re so lucky to be near such natural beauty!

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