Grouse Party

Som noen av dere vil ha lagt merke til, så har jeg ikke vært tilstede noen dager. Årsaken er at jeg har vært i fjellet noen dager hvor jeg har forsøkt å ta noen bilder innimellom regnbygene,  men når sant skal sies – så var vi heldigere med været enn forventet.
Men dagen da vi hadde planlagt å reise hjem åpnet med regn, tåke og vanskelige forhold med tanke på fotografering. Og selvsagt ble det også dagen da et lokalt rypekull bestemte seg for å plukke litt grus på veien bortenfor hytta . . .
Holdet var dessverre i lengste laget for min optikk – ca 75 meter og i vått gråvær, men i slike situasjoner gjør man bare så godt man kan.
As some of you may have noticed, I’ve been gone for a couple of days. The reason beeing that I’ve visited the mountains in order to get a few more pictures for you in between the may squalls! But – if I should be truthful to you, we were in luck with the weather which turned out somewhat better than expected.
But  the day we had planned our return the morning was cold, grey, wet and foggy! And , of course, this was also the day when a local grouse family had decided to get some gravel from the roadside near our cabin!
Unfortunately the distance was rather long taaking into consideration my lenses at the time: Approximately 240-250 feet and a bit of a drizzle. And under such conditions I may only do my best . . .

(Compliments of SRB )
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12 Responses to Grouse Party

  1. Glad to have my friend back in the blogosphere clicking great photos for us!

  2. -Eugenia says:

    Welcome back and hope you had a delightful trip. Great shots of the grouse.

  3. A short break always does you good…… we have a saying “a change is as good as a rest” 🙂

    • Seenorway says:

      If you hit it off with the weather, that is?!
      We had a rather icy cold wind up there (3500 feet) but the sun came through for a speell most every day , , ,

  4. Welcome back Svein. and lovely photo’s I too have had a busy weekend.. 🙂 And I am just catching up with everything here on WP 🙂

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