Glorious Morning

Jeg har nettopp vært en tur i fjellet. Da er det deilig å stå på terrassen, fylle lungene med kjølig frisk fjelluft, nippe til en nytrukket kopp kaffe mens man beskuer naturens oppvåken til en ny dag.

I’ve just been a trip into the mountains. One may really enjoy standing on the terrace, filling your lungs with fresh chilly mountain air, sipping a fresh cup of coffee whilst looking at the morning fog rising and the nature waking up to a new day!?
Dette er utsikten fra vår terrasse!
This is the views from our terrace.
Den lille klippen i horisonten er ganske nøyaktig 1000 meter unna!
The small rock on the horizon is pretty accurate 1111 yards away!
Jeg beklager virkelig skyggen fra hytta! 🙂  Men her kan du jo skape deg et inntrykk av  hvordan den ser ut med terrassen jeg står på lengs mot venstre.

I’m sorry about the shadow from our cabin!  🙂 But her you may get an impression about how it looks with the terrace I’m standing on to your far left.

(Compliments of SRB )
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9 Responses to Glorious Morning

  1. joke_dev says:

    Beautiful landscapes!

  2. Seenorway says:

    At least the coffee tasted all right! 🙂

  3. Seenorway says:

    Funny that you should mention this. I’m not much into cycling as it’s too much doping to interest me, but I do think that something called Amazing Race took part in the Northern part of Norway but also in other parts of our country. And I know for a fact that one portion of a large international biking competition was held on mountain roads in this particular region a few years back!
    This is the ‘Gol Mountain Range’ located in the center of Southern Norway.
    As for an accurate location, please try this link:,8.6308853,9.5z
    Look for ‘Gol 51 ‘. When you find it, keep your eyes peeled on that name and try increasing the size of the map (zooming in) 4-5 times. Suddenly a name ‘Storefjell’ appears!
    Our cabin is approximately 300 yards East of ‘Storefjell Resort Hotel’

  4. What a stunning view to wake up to Svein.. Just beautiful… I could drink this in all day xx

  5. Oh where exactly is this?

  6. Wow, breathtaking views!! I saw a portion of the tv show Amazing Race when they were in Norway and it seems ALL agreed it was just stunningly gorgeous there!! You just keep confirming it too!! To me everything seems so lush and naturally beautiful there!

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