Rough n’ tumble

I vår verden har ekstremsport utviklet seg til noe av det tøffeste av de tøffe, og det forgår kamper på innsiden av et bur hvor det meste er tillatt, men – visste dere at naturen også har sine paralleller?  Idag skal jeg vise dere et slik eksempel!

In our world of today the so called ‘extgreme sports’ have evolved in something like the toughest of the toughs and fights are performed inside a cage where most anything is allowed short of killing your contender. But – did you know that the nature also have its bouts very much in the same way. Today I’ll be showing you an example of that.
Arenaen står klar med flombelysning og det hele!
The arena is ready with flood lights and all . . .
Og selve ringen ser ut til å være klar?
And the ring itself seems ready?

Og hvem er det som skal i ilden idag? La oss nå se . . .Det kan se ut som det er en dame ved navn ‘Hillarious Eve’ som skal gå en oppvisningskamp mot en mann kalt ‘Donny the Beast’? Og så vidt jeg vet er det første gang i historien at man setter til side ‘kjønnsgrenser’?

And who’s going through the grill today?  Let’s see . . .  It looks like we’ll be seeing a lady called ‘Hillarious Ewe’ performing an exhibition fight against a newcomer of a man called ‘Donny the Beast’? And it seems to be first time in history where they ignore the limitation of sexes?
Det kan se ut som ‘Hillarious Ewe’ er førsteman i ringen?  Hun er kjent som en veltrent dame med en giftig brodd og et bredt utvalg av finurlige triks.

It looks like ‘Hillarious Ewe’ is first contender in the ring? She’s been known to be a very well trained lady with broad experience, with a very poisenous attitude and a bag full of dirty tricks.
Men – hvor er ‘Donny the Beast’?  Det kan se ut som Hillarious Ewe’ benytter tiden godt og sjekker alle hjørner og mulig farlige situasjoner som kan oppstå . . .

But – where is ‘Donny the Beast’? It looks lik ‘Hillarious Ewe’ is using her time to check out the ring, studying every corner and contemplating possible dangerous situations that might occur?
Jeg kan forstå at man betrakter ‘Hillarious Ewe’ som en farlig motstander. Her etterlates intet til tilfeldigheter.

I can understand why one regards ‘Hillarious Ewe’ to be a dangerous opponent!
Here nothing is  left to chance!
Men hvor er ‘Donny the Beast’?  Hva slags nervekrig er nå dette?
But – where is ‘Donny th Beast?  Is this a kind of nerve play?
Åh, her er ‘Donny the Beast’!  Og for en hårete og småfeit fremtoning han er? Her er det ikke snakk om introduksjon er eller regler fra dommer etc. Her bruser man rett på, og stakkars ‘Hillarious Ewe’ ser ut til å ha blitt tatt alldeles på sengen?
Fullstendig overkjørt!

And here is ‘Donny the Beast entering the ring. And what a fat hairy critter he is!
Here is nothing like presentations, presenting of rules from the judge, nor anything else. Donny performs a head on attack taking ‘Hillarious Ewe’ completely by surprise. Pretty much ‘run over’!

Det kan se ut som ‘Hillarious Ewe’ har kommet seg av det første sjokket og strever nå med å komme seg ut under ‘Donny’s’ tunge kropp . . .

It looks like ‘Hillarious Ewe’ has recovered from the first shock, fighting herself back on her feet from under Donny’s heavy bulk . . .
Men det ser ut til å ta tid. Donny er klart overvektig og det blir et slit å komme seg løs!

But it looks as if it’s gonna take som time. Donny is clearly solid overweight and
Ewe is really struggeling!

Auda, Donny sparket bakover. Er det lov da?  Også mot en dame?
Aw, Donny seemed to deliver a backward kick? Is that OK? And with a female opponent?
‘Hillarious Ewe’ har endelig lykkes unslippe grepet til ‘Donny the Beast’ og strever for å komme seg i sikkerhet.

‘Hillarious Ewe’ have succeeded getting out of the grip ‘Donny the Beast’ had on her and she’s scrambling for safety!Men hva skjer?  Donny ser ut til å ha fått nok? Han stikker fra ringen og overlater ‘Hillarious Ewe’ til seg selv?  Gir han opp?

But, what is happening here? ‘Donny the Beast’ seems to flee the ring leaving it to ‘Hillarious Ewe’? Is he giving up?
Nei, han er tilbake! Og han tramper ‘Hillarious Ewe’ i bakken. Da var det ikke et toalettbesøk, men rett og slett et ureglementert hopp for økt tyngde!

No, he’s back! And he’s virtually trampling Hillarious Ewe’ into the ground!
Then this was not a visit to the toilet but an illewgal jump only to get extra weight.

Det er ingen tvil her. ‘Donny the Beast’ er med sitt hårete utseende og tunge kropp utvilsomt kampens vinner. Om han vant i en ærlig kamp, er noe historien vil svare på, men spør du meg, så virket det som urglementerte metoder ble tatt i bruk?
Hillarious Ewe’ bare ligger der og stønner . . .

There is no doubt here. ‘Donny the Beast’ with his hairy  look and heavy body has undoubtedly won this fight? If he won it using fair methods remain for the history to document, but if you ask me, I don’t think this was a fair fight!
And ‘Hillariouis Ewe’ is still lying there just panting . . .
. Det er ikke bare i Afrika hvor man har ‘rumble in the jungle’ ! 🙂
It’s not  in Africa one has a ‘rumble in the jungle’!

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17 Responses to Rough n’ tumble

  1. Love the way you told this story through the bees. Nice! Now don’t tell us but is the sequel going to be “The Birds and the Bee’s”, lol.

    • Seenorway says:

      So far I’ved been avoiding that subject, and that my friend is due to age!

      • This is okay. It is a difficult one for sure with lots of questions and long waits for answers.

        • Seenorway says:

          It’s difficult all right! In my book mental unstability is a dangerous thing once we’re talking about State leaders. We haven’t quite forgotten Hitler. And there have been others –
          like Pol Pot in Cambodja and the madman from Uganda. Now no less than 4 on the scene at the same time!

          • It is scary Svein. We have some unstable forces at work. Sounds like you keep well posted on current events.

            • Seenorway says:

              I try to! It’s my world as well But when such leaders in addition get their hands on a trunk with the codes for atomic weapons, it’s getting serious! And according to American llegislation, Trump has the power to start an atomic war without informing the American Congress on before hand as long as he informs them of his reasons within a certain time.
              I believe we’re talking about 10 days, but by then there’d be a full scale atomic war!

            • The world certainly is in a tumultuous state.

            • Seenorway says:

              It is, and unfortunately I think it’s going to be much worse before it’s getting better.
              And I’ll not be around to see if I’m right!

            • We know what you mean. The ones I wonder about is our children and their children.

            • Seenorway says:

              Yes, of course, you would. I think Stephen Hawking geve us all a fright as to what he seemingly know (tht we don’t) since he recommend that the human race leaves Earth inside a 100 years? That’s not a very log time! You’d think that a planet similar to Earth had been made ready for us all inside that time?
              But I’m afraid we are on our own in this as well! They have found planets where they belive people could survive, but the closest on seem to be 30-40 lightyears away and – you may bring nothing with you. Not even building materials! So if realized by a group of volunteers, I think it’s a suicide mission.
              Of course, Stephen Hawking may be wrong, but chances are he’s not. The last solution is the outbreak of a plague taking out approximately 3 billion people, but I surely won’t be around to experience it. Maybe a few of our grandchildren will, but not many!
              In 4 billion years the sun will burn out and end it all anyway! 🙂

  2. Omg your photos are fabulous but this commentary was cracking me up!!! You are in rare form my funny friend!

  3. Seenorway says:

    He he, I was afraid I’d been stepping on sombodys toes? The respons have been far less than usual, but I did hope there was a spark of humor left somewhere? 🙂

  4. -Eugenia says:

    This is priceless. Not only are the photos stunning but the commentary is superb. I think it was an unfair fight. Poor Hillariouis Ewe being bullied by that hairy monster that is twice her size.

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