The Projector

Idag er det helgrått! Trist og vått!  Naturen henger med ørene. Drypp – drypp! Og det skal visst regne i hele dag?! Men – naturen trenger en skikkelig ‘rotbløyte’!
Så blir alt så meget bedre etterpå?!
Men vi trenger et ‘lyspunkt’ når man skal igjennom slike dager!
Jeg kjenner ikke navnet på denne vakre lille skapningen, men den formelig kaster ‘sollys’ mot oss!
En ‘vill-blomst’ som trives i vår hage!
Today the sky is grey. Dreary grey! And wet!  Extremely wet! Nature is ‘hanging down’- drip -drip. And as far as I know, it’s supposed to keep on raining most of the day! But – that’s what nature needs just now! A really ‘soak-through!
Then everything will light up and flowers will rise their heads showing their beautiful colors.
I really don’t, know the name of this flower, but its growing wild in our garden.
An its spreading light and joy – looking like it’s really projecting the sunlight at us.
And now to you all!

(Compliments of SRB )
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9 Responses to The Projector

  1. joke_dev says:

    Beautiful photo!

    • Seenorway says:

      Thank you Joke!
      There should perhaps have been a few more pictures today, but most of the morning was pretty wet! Drying up now! But – I’m sick and tired of having followers that really are nowhere to be found so – I have been using a few days upgrading my lists.
      Unfortunately I don’t think the result is only for me. I think most of the blogs followers list
      have the same low – very low (!) standard. I strongly feel that I’ll be able to reduce my list of followers by something like 70-80% without loosing much traffic. (That’s how bad it is)
      The good news is that the remaining followers are ‘true followers’ and that I’ll have more time for those! The top ten will even receive a bit of extra service! 🙂

      • joke_dev says:

        That’s the truth, a lot off followers want to be found and that is very sad

        • Seenorway says:

          Yes! And I’d rather have 200 that are there, than a thousand that are not!
          This is a programming problem as people can leave their blog untended for years and the system doesn’t register nor issue a message of a stand still.
          Or they could for instance have a system where you’d have to re-enlist as a follower every odd years. If you don’t your listing will automatically be deleted! But there is nothing like that in the programming!
          My list of followers will be reduce to less than 400 within the next month. People that I have not heard nor seen in 12 months wil surely be deleted!

  2. Yes the weather knows what it needs to do, and likewise a couple of grey rainy days with showers on and off, much cooler too.. But that photo is enough to brighten any ones day Svein.. 🙂 Wishing you a peaceful Sunday 🙂

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