Never learning –

Nå vet jeg ikke annen råd enn at jeg kanskje bør slutte med denne fotograferingen! Hvorfor?  Fordi jeg ikke lenger ser ut til å lære av mine feil,  eller innse at naturen ikke leverer solnedganger i reprise  slik man gjør på TV. Er du ikke til stede der og da – når ting skjer – så får man ingen bilder! Så enkelt er det egentlig, men likevel så fordømt vanskelig å passe på!
Ikveld kl 23.45 oppdaget jeg med et sjokk at jeg burde vært ute med et kamera! Og jeg hadde ikke engang slettet de siste bildene fra minnekortet! For det kommer vel ingen solnedgang kl 23.45 på en regnvåt dag?!  Men det gjorde det selvfølgelig!
Jeg fikk så vidt fyrt av 2-3 bilder – igjen fra terrassen- før det hele var over. Det var så seint at ting skjedde nesten fra minutt til minutt.-
Jeg skal love å forbedre meg!!!
It seems the only solution is for me to stop shooting sunsets! Why? Because I seem unable to learn from my mistakes, or to taski in the fact that nature doesn’t deliver replays the way they do on television! If you’re not there when it happens, you, won’t get any pictures! Very short and very simple, but still so damned hard to remember!
Tonioght – at 11.45 pm I discovered in shock that I ought to have been out there with my camera, but – I really don’t expected a sunset at this time of a rainy night!
Which, of course, it did!
I barely managed to shoot off 2-3 pictures from  my terrace before it was all over, but I promise: I will improve!!!
(Compliments of SRB)
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5 Responses to Never learning –

  1. vestlending says:

    Absolute stunning photos!

  2. -Eugenia says:

    Amazing colors and I can’t say I have seen color combinations like that. Absolutely stunning!

    • Seenorway says:

      They were indeed, and I’m so sorry I missed it all. Unfortunately our house is facing southeast, and since the sun decends more in the WNW these days, I can’t see it from our living room. I may, however, se the colors of the skies in the East getting red, but by then it’s usually too late! And I would really have enjoyed this one! (Sorry!)

  3. Seenorway says:

    And whatever you’ve heard of Norway, we don’t have a midnight sun in my parts of the country!
    That’s way further in the North! So it was a bit unexpected. In fact I was contemplatying going for my bed, and then this . . .

  4. That second from last photo was spectacular! I’ve never seen a sky look like that!!!

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