Mother to hundreds . . .

Da jeg kom nede på kontoret idag så hadde jeg besøk!  Forskende øyne observerte meg nøye. Utgjorde jeg en risiko, eller var det trygt å bli sittende? Jeg satte på litt lys og varme og gjorde det så behagelig som jeg kunne form gjesten og gikk for å hente kameraet!
Og hun ventet rolig på hva mitt neste trekk ville være.
Av erfaring vet jeg at blitz kanskje ikke ville være så lurt. For det første ville det muligens skremmet vannet av min besøkende og for det andre ville det kunne ødelegge bildet ved å skape en masse forstyrrende skygger slik det ofte gjør når man har 8 bein å passer på! 🙂
Derfor er disse bildene tatt uten blitz, men med lyset fra en arbeidslampe ved skrivebordet. Fortsatt ble det en del sterke og til dels forvirrende skygger, men denne gang har jeg forsiktig forsøkt å fjerne de fleste.
When I entered my little office today I had a visitor! Calculating eyes watched me intently, contemplating whether I represented a risk or not? Would she run or would she chose to remain? I tried to make her feel at home, switching the light on which gave her a bit of warmth as well.  Then I left in order to get my camera!
And there she sat – quietly awaiting my next move! My experience told me that using a blitz would probably be a bit foolish. Firstly she might get scared and bolt, or my pictures would be ruined by a lot of confusing shadows? It’s often like that when you have 8 legs to consider . . . 🙂
That’s why these pictures have been shot without blitz, only by the light from a small work lamp at my desk. Still I got shadows but I have tried to remove most of them as deftly as I possibly could.
Så oppdaget jeg plutselig hvorfor hun valgte å sitte stille: Hun hadde ansvaret for et hundretalls unger som hun bar rundt i den hvite eggsekken under buken. Her ville det om kort tid kunne bli en virkelig ‘storfamilie’.  En slik sekk er nok vanskelig å få med seg når alle de vanlige sprekkene plutselig blir alt for trange . . .

Then I suddenly discovered why she had chosen to remain still and wait it out: She had the responsibility for hundreds of kids which she was carrying around in the large white egg sack under her belly. In a very short time she could be the mother of a really large family?
And such an egg sack must be troublesome to carry along since all the usual cracks suddenly have become far too small . . .?

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16 Responses to Mother to hundreds . . .

  1. -Eugenia says:

    OMW! I’m not a fan of spiders but I don’t kill them unless I think they are poisonous. I sweep them up and throw them outside. Snakes – no way as I am terrified of them and have been since I was a child. Your photo is a great capture of the spider.

  2. I didn’t know that you could find spiders like that in Scandinavia! It’s certainly a common sight in Australia.

    • Seenorway says:

      Oh yes, but they seem mostly to be nocturnal! and they’re not venomous! (Which they might often be in Australia 🙂 )

      • Very interesting! I will have to keep an eye out for them in Finland. My Finnish nature guide book only has spiders that are a few millimetres big so it would be interesting to find out if there are big ones hiding there, too.

        • Seenorway says:

          He he, I think you’ll be disappointed, but – if you’r e interested in ‘nocturnal life’ I suggest that you mount a so called ‘ring blitz to your camera and use a led-light on your head as well (focusing purpose) and you’ll be surprise how much that’ll turn up. You may also hang a white bed sheet with a light bulb on one side of it. And you’ll have som very interesting hours studying ‘wild life’ at micro level! 🙂

  3. Seenorway says:

    Hi Josh,
    Thanks for respons. I have noticed the same thing as you have. And the fear of spiders seems to be attached more to females than males. I fail to see where this is coming from as we have no venomous spider species in Norway but I do have a healthy respect for spiders, lizards and snakes outside of Norway. In my younger days I lived in W.Australia for a full year and I trampled through the brush looking not right nor left. Later in life I’ve learned that I must have been extremely fortunate not to get in trouble ! 🙂

  4. I find it interesting to see how different people react to the presence of spiders; I had lots of chances to observe this while living in the jungle! Some people, seemingly like yourself, welcome the sight of a large spider. Others scream and flee, whereas many people choose to kill them instantly. I see no need for the latter option, unless the spider happens to be a highly venomous one in a location where there’s a good chance it’ll bite someone (such as in one’s bedroom).

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