Jeg er jo enig i at dette kan se ut som en ‘potentilla’, men – jeg er ikke så sikker? Planten er mye lavere og dessuten ikke en busk! Dessuten har blomsten en farge man ikke vanligvis finner innenfor potentilla-familien. Men vakker er den!
I agree that this could very well look like a Potentilla (Bloodroot), but I’m far from certain that this is correct? This flower is far shorter and doesn’t look anything like a bush.
But nobody can take away its beauty!
(Compliments of SRB)
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12 Responses to Look-Alike

  1. -Eugenia says:

    It is beautiful and delicate. Perfectly captured.

  2. vestlending says:

    I dont know so much about flowers but beautiful it is!

  3. Its perfection.. Beautiful image. xxx

  4. It pretty regardless 🙂 – I love the way the shadows play against the vibrant color! Have a beautiful day my friend!

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