Fly-by Situation

Å, nei, broder! Du må bruke mer tid på å rense ut nettet ditt! Dette oppdaget jeg jo på lang avstand! Solen skinner på meg, og skyggene hviler over deg!
Aw, No way, brother!  You need to spend more time cleaning out your nets. This one I could spot way off!  The sun will be shining on me, whilst the shadows rest with you!
(Compliments of SRB)
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'See Norway' vil i fremtid befatte seg med å vise bildereportasjer fra byer, kommuner og tettsteder rundt i Norge. 'See Norway' will take pride in showing you picture reports from communities and settlements throughout Norway. Contact:
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7 Responses to Fly-by Situation

  1. Seenorway says:

    With me it’s kind of opposite. I’m extremely limited in the number of blogs I’ve promised to follow.
    If I’m to travel around shooting a lot of pictures, I simply haven’t got the time to surf wildly on the net, thus I’ve limited myself to only 4-5 bøogs, but if these blogs don’t deliver, I might replace them with new ones – still 5 in total. I could follow a couple of dozen, but then my blog would be deleted around the net because I didn’t deliver. It’s a tough balance!

  2. Glad this Bee escaped.. Wonderful image you have captured here Svein.. 🙂

    • Seenorway says:

      Both, bee and spider, are important members of the life around us. Wee need them both!

      • We do Svein.. I was once afraid of spiders when younger.. Now I rescue them.. and try not to spoil their webs, but when I do, I send my thoughts to the insect devas, lol.. to say sorry, but they should build away from where I weed.. 😀

    • Seenorway says:

      Thank you, Eugenia. (I think so too!)
      And I’m getting increasingly surprised over my so called 903 ‘followers’.
      Perhaps I should register the 18 bloggers that have so far responded and remove the rest?
      The thought have actually struck me!

      • -Eugenia says:

        I took the time to go through the bloggers I follow. If they are not shown in the Manager as updated in 2 months or more, I deleted them.

        The rest I leave along because every now and then they will pay a visit.

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