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Hackere har angrepet 99 land og truet med å ødelegge deres infrastruktur om de ikke innen 24 timer betaler løsepenger for å få tilbake sine bilder og/eller data. Betalingen skal skje via den digtale valutaen ‘bitcoin’ fordi denne type transaksjoner er nesten umulig å spore. De fleste mennesker er totalt ukjent med hvordan de håndterer en betaling i bitcoin. Dermed er de avskåret fra å betale om de aldri så gjerne ville!
Heldigvis finnes det kunnskapsrike folk også på ‘vår side’.
Jeg oppfordrer verdenssamfunnet til å prioritere jakten på gjerningsmennene!  Og kanskje er det like godt først som sist å forby alle former for transaksjoner relatert til ‘bitcoin’ som idag fremstår i første rekke som en ‘kriminell valuta’?!

Samtidig slår jeg et slag for å innføre en obligatorisk livsvarig fengselsstraff for økonomisk kriminalitet rettet mot stater eller verdenssamfunnet forøvrig! Når man tenker på mulige praktiske konsekvenser av slike handlinger, så burde straffen vært enda strengere!

Et kart viser hvilke land i verden som er angrepet. Men det viser også hvilke land som IKKE er angrepet!  Pussig nok ser det ut til å være kun 4:  Russland, Kina, Canada og Frankrike. Og siden Russland og Kina har fått ord på seg for å være særlig aktive på hacking-teknologi, så vet jeg hvor jeg ville starte letingen!
Vet du om noen som bedriver ‘hacking’? Ring ditt lokale politikammer!

Bildene skal være et lite forsøk på å mildne mine ord, men de gjør dessverre lite med min sinnsstemning!
Today we’ve seen internatinal hacker organizations attacking most of our free world threatening to destroy their infrastructure unless thay pay a ransom fee within 24 hours!
Payment is supposed to be done by using the digtal currency ‘bitcoin’ because such transactions are just about impossible to trace. Most people have no knowledge how to handle bitcoin, thus they cannot pay even if they wanted to! Fortunately there are thousands of knowledgable people on our side as well!
I implore on the World Society to really prioritize the work leading up to finding these people as quick as possible. And – may be we ought to prohibit all transactions or use of bitcoin criminalize it starting tomorrow?! And I think the wold collectively should invoke new laws and regulations that would give these people (Attacking sovereign states or the World Society economically) a guaranteed life sentence to be served in some jungle/desert prison?! Thinking of the possible consequences of their work, it really ougth to be even harsher!

A map is showing us which countries that are under attack and which are not! Strange as it may look: There are only 4 countries that have not been attacked:
Russia, France, China and Canada! And since China as well as Russia have been accused of having a particular active hacking environment, I think it’s pretty logic where to start?

My pictures are ment to soften your minds to these attacks, but I doubt if they will do the job?  At least they have no effect on me! If I only knew where to look . . .
Do you know a professional hacker?  Call the local police!
(Compliments of SRB)

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12 Responses to Private Opinion

  1. Yes this was another despicable act.. Security of our NHS was thrown into chaos as systems were shut down which were affected across the UK.. Doctors surgeries, Dental, as well as other firms were badly hit.. And the old method of paper and pen had to be used..
    But the worst of it was that scheduled operations had to be cancelled, including chemo for cancer patients..
    And this weekend a huge blip that no one is as yet saying what caused the British Airways Computer failure resulting in all flights being cancelled.. This is how vulnerable is technology..

    And on the week it was announced that they are going to fly planes from a computer system instead of the control tower.. away from the airports!… Makes one think!

    • Seenorway says:

      I hear tell that international freight planes have been flying about without pilots for years?!
      True or not, I wouldn’t know, but you know – drones flying in Afghanistand and Syria are
      controlled from an office in the US!
      If this is put into operation as passenger planes go, I fear that the industry will fall?
      People will stop flying and tourism as we know it will die with it!

  2. -Eugenia says:

    I have never understood why some feel they have to ruin the lives of others. Crime and stupidity has no boundaries. Thank you for sharing the lovely photos.

  3. Seenorway says:

    Det er jo nesten hva det er ja!

  4. vestlending says:

    Ja denne form for “Global Hacking” er selvsagt ett meget effektivt våpen benyttet av våre fiender! Hvis det skulle vise seg å være land som står bak så er dette en krigserklæring!

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