Nearly Summer

Vi har hatt en ganske fin uke. Temperaturene har ligget mellom15 – 20 grader C og løvet på trærne har fått en solid grønnfarge. Det er bare en uke til vi skal feire vår nasjonaldag, og da pleier det som oftest å være sommer-temperaturer i Norge, men – i år ser det ut til å bli litt annerledes. Da vi våknet i morges var det massivt snøvær (og det snør fremdeles).
I hagen lå det 6-7 cm med gjennomvåt snø! Den korteste sommeren noensinne!  🙂
We’ve had a pretty acceptable week as weather goes. The temperatures have been lying in the range of 15-20 degrees C and the foilage has become a solid green. In only one week we will be celebrating our ‘National Day’, and at this time the weather is usually summer like in Norway, but this year things seem to be a bit different?
Waking up this morning we experienced a heavy snowfall (and it’s still falling). In our garden we could observe a layer of wet snow 3 inches thick! The shortest summer ever! 🙂

Dette er jo bilder som minner litt om de bildene vi publiserte i vårt innlegg ‘Whipped Cream’ for 14 dager siden, men de er altså tatt for bare et par timer siden?

These are pictures that look suspciously like those we published in ‘Whipped Cream’ 2 only weeks ago, but they are shot his very morning!
(Compliments of SRB)
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20 Responses to Nearly Summer

  1. -Eugenia says:

    Snow in your garden should not be allowed. It is becoming more and more frequent that mother nature does get the memo. I agree the fluctuations in the weather are concerning. There are the wildfires in South Ga and Florida and earthquakes are on the increase in all parts of the world. It’s scary.

  2. Mona lisa says:

    Summer is a condition of the mind…. Delightful photographs…

  3. Those poor blooms.. seems the weather is Topsy-turvy around the globe… Here today its really warm, yet yesterday was chilly, with wind and cloudy.. Hope it soon gets back to normal.. But then what is normal?? for it seems our weather is also changing Seasons..

    Have a wonderful rest of the week my friend.. I am off to enjoy some highland weather tomorrow..
    Big hugs.. Sue 🙂

    • Seenorway says:

      One can never tell, Sue, but this year I have a feeling of more fluctuations than usual?
      I visited your Earth quake specialist yesterday. That was really interesting! And I’m a vit exited to see whether Nicaragua and Haiti will experience major quakes within nightfall?

      • He is very accurate.. I subscribe to his Youtube channel and get his update alerts as they come in.. There is a problem in Washington at the moment with a collapsed tunnel at a nuclear waste dumping site.. He gave a warning several days ago after a cluster of small earthquakes hit to the west of it.. Then the tunnels collapsed.. They blamed it on workmanship.. But no one is saying about the earthquakes that struck the region.. Look up Hanford Nuclear Site Emergency.. He has been doing this with great accuracy for many years since 2011 that I know of.. And I have distant relatives in Italy who follow since the Earthquake there.. They have had lots of smaller ones too.. The Earth is always moving.. But he is seeing more activity now and more volcanoes venting to relieve pressures .. So I keep myself informed.. As here in this part of the UK we have had Earthquakes before..

        • Seenorway says:

          I read about Hanford! Its not only a collaps but radio active fluids have been stored in plastic bottles in old railway carriages!!!! It’s a crime! And sombody has the responsibility for this! Once there are leaks, this will get out into underground water supplies and only God knows what will happen then!

          • Its worse then than I had thought Svein.. Its a crime yes I agree.. And why we keep having to build nuclear power when we know we can not safely get rid of the productive wastes is beyond me.. It really is.. Thank you for informing me more of the situation Svein. And yes It is like Japan and Fukushima Meltdown after the Earthquake and Tsunami, its still leaking into the ocean after all this time.. And they wonder why the great barrier coral reefs in Australia are dying.. Saying its due to high water temps.. Scientists warned that its not now but 15 twenty years from now we will see even more cancers..
            And to me this is partly why cancers are here today.. Nuclear testings from the past etc.. Its sad what we are doing to ourselves and the planet .. ;-(

            • Seenorway says:

              We can store nuclear waste! But it’s expensive because some of it must be stored for a thousand years or more. Then there is budget costs and the need to save money on most anything, thus ‘smart alecs’ tend to cut corners because once things really goes bad, they are no longer here to be accountable! Everybody know that you just don’t store nuclear waste in plastic bottles! And most people know that lead casings are required! There’s no excuse!
              But I don’t think all types of cancer relates to nuclear waste. There are different types of cancer in all parts of the world, of some have had no relation to nuclear waste what-so-ever. Even long before the A-bomb was invented! People died of tumors. Only they didn’t quite know what it was!

            • True Svein.. And like you said no excuse.. Have a lovely week my friend see you soon as I take a break.. 🙂 Take care.. and hugs my friend 🙂

            • Seenorway says:

              Same to you, Sue!

  4. Summer is a state of the mind 🙂 Beautiful photos.

  5. Oh but I want to see snow again!!!

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