From Late April –

Igår virket det som om noe kunne skje? Skylaget var annerledes, høyt og til dels dramatisk, men – hvordan så det ut under horisonten?  Det var det umulig å si noe om før solen faktisk hadde forsvunnet ned under . . .

Yesterday it looked like something could be about to happen? The cloud layers were different – high flying and partly dramatic. But what did it look like below the horizon?
There was no telling before the sun was actually in that position – down under . . .
Mitt første bilde i denne serien er et ‘filtrert skudd’- nærmest som et eksperiment. Og selv om resultatet var dramatisk nok, så ble det kanskje litt for mørkt der oppe . . .?

Myu first shot in this sequence is a ‘filtered shot’ – more like a small experiment. And even if the result was kind of dramatic, perhaps a bit to dark ‘up there’?
Dette er nok litt nærmere sannheten 🙂  men som dere ser er solskiven fremdeles over horisonten og har en sterk innvirken på min lysmåler.

This is perhaps a bit closer to the truth  🙂 but as you may observe – the sun disc is still visible over the horizon and plays havoc with my light meter.
Når jeg skyter en solnedgang som denne, så er mye av utfordringen å eksperimentere med  lukkerhastigheter, blenderåpninger og bildeutsnitt for å fange flest mulige synsinntrykk. Smaken er som kjent svært forskjellig fra menneske til menneske?

When I’m shooting a sunset like this one, much of my challenge is to experiment with different combinations of apperture, shutter speeds and focal lengths. As you surely know, the in dividual personal tastes may be very different!
Så jeg gjør mitt beste for at alle skal finne noe de kan like!
So I’m doing the best I can to please all of you!
Legg merke til ‘strømme-effekten’ i dette skylaget!
Please notice the streaming effect in this cloud layer !

Personlig er jeg av den oppfatning at dette bildet (no 07350) nok er det beste av akkurat denne solnedgangen, men jeg er ganske sikker på at mange andrfe vil velge helt andre bilder?

Personally I think this picture ( no 07350) is my best shot from this particular sunset, but I’m in no doubt that many of you will point to quite another shot? (That’s how it must be!)
Og det er jo nettopp derfor dere ofte får 8-10 bilder fra den samme solnedgangen!
And that’s exactly why you often will find 8-10 pictures from the very same sunset!
Solnedgangen er hele tiden den samme (selv om den er i stadig forandring)
The sunset is all the time the very same (however changing by the minute )
Men mine bilder er ikke!  De er forskjellige på ett eller flere punkter . . .
Og så håper jeg jo at dere alle fant et dere likte bedre enn de andre?

But my pictures are not!  They are all different in some point or several . . .
But I do hope you all found something making it worth while?
(Complimnets of SRB)

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30 Responses to From Late April –

  1. Great pictures of the sky!
    I’m addicted to taking photos of sunset and sunrise too.

    • Seenorway says:

      Then please go to my front page and insert ‘sunset’ in the small search window and follow through with the ‘Enter’-button.
      Now you’ll be presented with most of my sunset-photos. Please enjoy!

  2. utesmile says:

    Such beautiful pictures! They are all stunning!

    • Seenorway says:

      Thank you so much! To be honest, there are more than 6000 pictures published here by now. All in ‘full screen’, so if you aappreciate what you find, please alkert your friends to our URL. Today we woke to a couple of inches of snow, but as soon as the sun reappears, we’ll be publishing more . . .
      Please enjoy!

  3. Sartenada says:

    Gorgeous sky photos.

  4. -Eugenia says:

    They all are amazing! I love the first one because the darkness adds intrigue. The last one is also a favorite.

    • Seenorway says:

      Thank you, Eugenia. Yes, this filter is very special. It enhances ‘blue’ colors, but is does also supress tones of yellow/orange (which isn’t that good shooting a sunset? 🙂 )
      But it’s great for cold sccenes from winter (with a likness for Echtacrome). Such pictures is changed to a warmere tone looking more like Easter shots from the time with ‘Agfacolor’.

  5. I will go with 07530 as well……you never do know if you pressed the shutter at the right time till you have experienced ALL the sunset and its continual changing. Part of the fun I think 🙂

  6. Ester says:

    Beautiful images!

  7. I could never tire of a Sunset or Sunrise for that matter Svein.. For each one is unique and special. All of these are wonderful.. Hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend ❤

  8. All are very nice but the first is my pick 🙂 – Have a beautiful day!

  9. Hi Svein, how are you? Beautiful sunset images (as usual) 🙂

    • Seenorway says:

      I’m OK – at least that’s what I think I am! 🙂
      But you know – if there’s something an 80 year old gets enough of – it’s surprises!
      Like I nearly printed a typing error here. It said (for a moment there) ‘809 year old’!
      That would have been gross! 🙂

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