Early Spring Woods

Forleden var været fantastisk og temperaturen godt over 14 pluss, så da benyttet jeg anledningen til å ta en kikk på den tidlige vår-skogen.  Det resulterte i noe over 30 bilder, men under redigeringsarbeidene la jeg merke til at det var uvanlig liten trafikk på bloggen.
Ja, gjennom hele gårsdagen registrerte jeg kun et par bevegelser!  Da er det antagelig liten vits i å publisere 30 bilder fra turen? For hvis alle har reist på Påskeferie, så har de selvsagt annet å gjøre en å kikke på mine bilder?! Så derfor publiserer jeg bare et lite utvalg på 5-6 bilder! Men kommer det flere enn 20 ‘likes’, så skal jeg revurdere min beslutning og publisere 10-15 til.
Yesterday was in many ways a ‘perfect day’!  The weather was fantastic: Bright sunshine with temperatures well exceeding 14 degrees plus. So, of course, I used this opportunity to take a closer look at the early spring woods surrounding my home.
The trip resulted in something like 30-35 pictures which had to be edited, but undertaking this task, I registered a very low traffic on my blog. In fact, during the whole day there were only a couple of ‘movements’! I concluded that there was probably noi use in publishing anything at all since people seemed to have gone away for the Easter anyway?
And if they had indeed gone away, they would be far to busy with other things to look at my pictures?
So today I’m only publishing a mere 5-6 pictures from this trip! However, if I’m mistaken and receive more than 20 ‘likes’, I’ll re-think the situation and publish another 15-20 pictures. (Your choice!)
I den senere tid har det blitt anlagt gode turveier gjennom skogen. Det betyr at denne rekreasjonen er åpen også etter at man har fyllt 80!

Through the last years the tracks through these woods have been converted to excellent
walks which means that this type of recreation is still open to people having passed my age of 80.
Man kan jo undre seg litt på hvordan ting kan vokse uten jord – direkte på stein, men historien viser jo at dette ikke går i lengden? Vekst stopper , men blir merkelig nok stående?  Jeg fotograferte dette treet når jeg første gang passerte dette stedet for nærmere 40 år siden og – det er ikke mye som har forandret seg over årene!

You might perhaps wonder how things may grow without any soil – directly on stone, but history show that this will not be possible over time? Growth stops, but for some reason
miraculously the tree remains standing?
I shot a picture of this particular tree first time I passed it approximately 40 year ago and nothing much has changed since then!
Store deler av dette skogområdet vokser nesten på ren fjellgrunn, men nettopp kanskje fordi næringsforhold er litt under forventet, så blir skogen fremkommelig både for dyr og mennesker?

Large parts of these woods are in fact growing on pure granite, but perhaps is this lack of nutrition the reason why these wood are very accessable for animals as well as people?
Den første blåveisen ble registrert i veikantene i nærheten av mitt hjem for 3-4 dager siden, men nå finnes den også her oppe i skogen.

I observed the first blue anemones along the roads close to my home 3-4 days ago, but now it may also be seen here in the woods.
Det meste av snøen har tint vekk og de mange bekkene har begynt å roe seg litt, men er en fin kilde til drikkevann for tørste mennesker og dyr. Det ser litt brunt ut, men det er en illusjon. Vannet er førsteklasses og kan drikkes rett fra bekken!

Most of the snow has thawed away and the many creeks through the area have started to calm down a bit, but they still offer excellent drinking water to thirsty passers by. Perhaps it looks a bit brown, but I assure you: The water is excellent and may be drunk directly from the creek!
(Compliments of SRB)

Du kan se flere bilder fra denne turen på ‘Early Spring Woods – II’
You may se more pictures from this trip at ‘Early Spring Woods – II’

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18 Responses to Early Spring Woods

  1. Dina says:

    God Påske! 🙂

  2. -Eugenia says:

    Beautiful and interesting photos. What is the highest temperature recorded in Norway this time of the year?

    • Seenorway says:

      Hi Eugenia, –
      Well – since you’re asking – this year hasn’t been very normal, but then again it’s widely accepted that the Earth is getting hotter by the years. This will probably continue for another 20-25 years before it slowly turns the other way around.

      Norway is a very long country streching North/South, thus the temperature variations may be enormous. That said we registered temperatures around 20 plus last week, but only for one day! (And it’s not normal by any means!) A couple of days before and after temperatures were lying between 12- 16 degrees, but if you ask me what’s normal this time of the year and in my parts of the country, I’d say around plus 4-6 degrees.
      But nothing much seems to be normal these days! 🙂
      Going 5 years back in time we’d have 40-60 inches of snow till the beginning of March and free of snow from mid-April. This year we had 40 inches of snow in November. That lasted for 3 weeks and since then we’ve hardly seen snow at all.

      • -Eugenia says:

        You’re right about nothing seems normal these days. I guess we shouldn’t expect the weather to be any different. 🌻

        • Seenorway says:

          ‘Weather’ is one thing, Eugenia, and I do think we ought to prepare for ‘more weather’, or should I say ‘more extreme weather’? And that’s gonna last for years and years, I think!
          But I don’t much like the political direction our world has taken of late either? Then I’m talking about the last 8-10 years! And we could be in for a nasty surprise before you know it! We can only hope it’ll blow over . . .

  3. Loved the shape of those roots.. And that blue anemone… Love those tiny flowers xxx

  4. Reblogged this on jcvtcs Blog and commented:
    See Norway!

  5. Seenorway says:

    ‘Like’ no 21 has been received and tomorrow I’ll post you another 15 pictures – as promised!

  6. I guess Spring does come to those who wait (even if we do get impatient at times) What a fantastic weekend we have had, one I think we shared with you 🙂

    • Seenorway says:

      You can say that again, David. But now the temperatures are falling a bit . . .
      Today we’ve had 12-13 degrees and tomorrow the forecast is 11-12. Tuesday is 10 degrees.

  7. Seenorway says:

    My my, look what happened! Did I wake you up? 15 ‘likes’ already?! It seems I must prepare myself for another couple of hours in front of the screen? 🙂

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