Evening Surprise

Dagen hadde vært fyllt av sol og med lett skydekke mot horisonten. Jeg var ganske sikker på at det kunne bli en fin kveld med en flott solnedgang, men da tidspunktet kom så var det ikke spor av solnedgang!  Jeg bemerket for min kone at det jo var litt rart. At det hadde sett så lovende ut, men når det nå viste seg at jeg tok feil, så kunne jeg like gjerne følge med på et TV-program som også var satt opp på denne tiden.
Bare 3-4 minuttere senere kom jeg  tilfeligvis  til å se ut av vinduet, og der var den! I de neste 3-4 minuttene ble det ganske hektisk, men jeg fikk en del bilder – alle tatt fra terrassen. Det var ikke tid til noe annet!  Det bare viser at man aldri kan stole på en solnedgang!
The day had been filled with bright sun and a few light clouds towards the horizon. I was pretty sure that we would have a fantastic sunset, but when the time came, there was nothing! No trace of a sunset!
I remarked to my wife that I was surprised and it had all looked so promising, but since I was obviously mistaken, I might as well watch a program on my TV.
Only 3-4 minutes later I happened to look out of the window and – there it was!  The next 3-4 minutes became rather hectic and suddenly it was all gone! You may never trust a sunset! (And I ought to know!)

(Compliments of SRB)
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13 Responses to Evening Surprise

  1. Oslo (1959) : Our house was Amaldhus https://goo.gl/maps/HENVGuDthqA2 and we had some very stunning ‘sunset paintings’ by Amaldus Nielsen there. Of course, they don’t compare with your photos. Takk!

  2. -Eugenia says:

    Stunning photos and each one taking on a different personality. Reblogging.

  3. That is gorgeous and even better because you did not expect it 🙂

    • Seenorway says:

      Well, thank you, but even if I didn’t expect it to happen, my camera is nearly always at the ready with a fully loaded battery. But – if I had believed in my own judgement, I would probably have been elsewhere – and in a much better position to catch the full impact.
      And for that I’m a bit sorry! 🙂

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