Beautiful Hardanger

Et sentralt element i Hardanger er isbreen ‘Folgefonna’. Det kan være litt vanskelig å tenke seg tilstedeværelsen av en isbre når man samtidig ser blomstrende frukthager og blå fjord, men det er Norge i et nøtteskall. Folgefonna’s høyeste punkt ligger forøvrig på 1651 meter og selve isbreen er beregnet til å være ca 360 meter tykk.
Her er den fotografert fra den andre siden av fjorden.
2012-tur-2-060bA central element in the region of Hardanger is the glacier named ‘Folgefonna’!
It may be a bit hard to imagine the presence of a solid glacier looking at the lovely fruit gardens throughout the entire area framed by a blue fjord, but – that’s Norway in a nutshell! Folgefonna, by the way, is a ‘National Park’ and as such – a protected area.
The highets point of the glacier is 5448 feet above sea level and the thickness of the ice cap is estimated to be something like 1180 feet!
(Compliments of PMR)

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21 Responses to Beautiful Hardanger

  1. That is a thick ice cap. 🙂 Beautiful view .. 🙂

  2. I just nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award, see my post for more information on what you need should do next:

    • Seenorway says:

      Well, thank you, but I think most bloggers have recognized that I have no time for awards.
      I think I got a dozen such the first 6 months of operation, but that’s more than 10 years ago. But – if more people becomes aware of my blog, I’ll cherish that.
      But – the ones that doen’t visit your blog will still be ignorant of my blog? And I have long given up trying to attract the attention of the world. Then it seems I’ll have to produce som silly video of animals at play . . .?

      • I know you probably are not into this, but I would like you to have this nomination so that if the old custom editor gets closed down again, you can do one final post with an additional ornamental high note. It look good to future visitors who visit the archive and increases the google search rankings because of the link activity. Plus, you can put the term “Award” in the Tags and that’ll attract more searches.

        No need for silly animals, just more photos of colorful birds or other majestic wildlife.

        • Seenorway says:

          As long as I don’t need to invest time in this project by sending it on to someone that don’t deserve it 🙂
          We ought to form a ‘Classic Editor Club’ that would hopefully include 5-10 000 bloggers that would collectively suspend their blogs if it was ever closed down?
          But it would probably take years only to form, and I haven’t got ‘years’ aany more.

          • Well, you could see 100, and that is two more decades. However, I doubt 10,000 blogs would be numerous enough. You don’t have to nominate 15 if its too burdensome, just mention its 15 but that you are only going to do a few.

            • Seenorway says:

              That’s the problem! Anyone could select 15 in a jiffy, but if one wanted to find 15 that really deserved such a nomination, you’d have to know at least a hundred bloggers closely, having followed them over a considerable time.
              But – I haven’t had the time to follow a hundred blogs over time. Then I’d have no time to travel the country finding motifs for you all. Thus I’m following only 4-5 (and doing a bad job of it too! 🙂 ) so my overall solution has been to reject all awards myself. Then no one will expect me to nominate anyone either.
              I just haven’t got the time! People don ‘t see it, but making a report like ‘Innerdalen’, ‘Hemsedal’ or ‘Oeksendal’ takes at least a couple of days due to distances!
              (By car I may use 5-7 hours each way)

            • That precisely the reason why I nominated you. I know how hard photography and travel is. People often take photos for granted, but traveling, waiting for the right light/moment, bearing the weather, wind or cold, missing meals, the time, all that is real effort.

            • Seenorway says:

              That’s right (and it’s nice to meet someone that have an understanding of the facts 🙂 ), but it leaves no time for studying other blogs in detail – unfortunately! Having been an active blogger since 2004 I would have liked to, but my watch, as well as any other watch, have only 24 hours pr day. Then best help I may receive is when someone places a link to one of my photo reports on his/her Facebook pages or elsewhere seen by a great many people. Especially if it is also shared by friends!

            • Well, I hope my recommendation in my award post will divert some more traffic here. My advice would be to keep the nomination in reserve to use if and only when the custom editor is gone permanently.

            • Seenorway says:

              That’s an idea, however, if they try to close it down one more time, it’s a signal I cannot overlook.
              Why they think they have created something new and unique with their new editor, I don’t really understand.
              You cannot choose picture size! Nor can one allocate pictures right/centre/left and vertical frames may not be handled/altered at will:
              Hyperlink may be created, but NOT removed! All these things are handled with ease in the classic editor!
              I’m ‘married’ to the Classic Editor! If that is removed, so am I! As simple as that!

            • Well if it happens it happens, but you’ve still got to do the award for the sake of the 6000 archive. This blog must last for years to come for the sake of posterity, active or not.

            • Seenorway says:

              I have been assured (from WP) that as long as WP exists, the blog will remain open as long as I personally have NOT deleted it. So be it!

            • Seenorway says:

              🙂 I guess so, but eventually no longer on ‘my watch’!

            • With 6000 pictures, you have immortalized yourself!

            • Seenorway says:

              He he, I would really have expected it to take somewhat more than that?!

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