Time to go!

På tide å si adjø!
I oktober 2012 opprettet vi denne bloggen i den hensikt å publisere bilder fra norske
kommuner, byer, tettsteder, turistmål eller rett og slett vakker norsk natur! Og – for å skille oss litt ut – valgte vi å publisere våre bilder store nok til å fylle en skjerm helt opp mot 60 tommer!  Natur bør nytes i store doser!

I  2016  startet WordPress arbeidet med å utvikle en ny ’editor’. Imidlertid hadde denne editoren etter våre behov en del markante svakheter, og vi  fortsatte  derfor å bruke den gamle (som fortsatt har vært tilgjengelig.)
I dag ble det imidlertid slutt på den muligheten!
Vi kan ikke lenger publisere bildemateriell i ’full screen-format’. Dermed er det også slutt på hva vi anser er vårt særpreg i forhold til andre blogger. Vi beklager dette dypt, men avgjørelsen ligger altså hos WordPress!

Vi har selvsagt forsøkt å få WordPress i tale, men – det er over ett år siden at de stengte sin kommunikasjon med ‘brukere’. Nå leser det ikke lenger mail.  Isteden må man logge seg inn på en såkalt  ’chatte-kanal’ for tilmålt tid med en tilfeldig ansatt.
Sånn blir det når man vokser fra eget marked.  Og siden vi ikke lenger kan levere den kvaliteten vi faktisk ønsker, ei heller målbære vår misnøye med utviklingen, velger vi herved å avstå fra å publisere nye bilder som ikke møter våre krav til kvalitet!

‘SeeNorway’ med sine neste 6000 publiserte bilder – alle i ’full screen’ – vil fortsatt bli liggende der den ligger i dag, og vi vil respondere på nye kommentarer som avgis, men vi antar det over tid vil skje en gradvis forvitring som følge av SPAM og annet uønsket materiale. Igjen beklager vi.
Det burde ikke ha blitt slik. Vi forventet faktisk en løpende kommunikasjon med vår bloggleverandør, men slik er ikke dagens verden anno 2017.
Tusen takk for all positiv respons opp gjennom disse årene.

– – –

Time to go!
In October 2012 we established this blog with the intent of giving you pictures from Norwegian municipalities, cities, settlements, tourist destinations or plain Norwegian nature at its best. And to make a difference, we decided to publish all our pictures in a ‘full screen mode’ – large enough to fill a screen of 60 inches! Nature ought to be enjoyed in large doses!

In 2016 ‘Wordpress’ started the making of a new modern editor. By our standard and need, this new editor had several weaknesses, and therefore we continued to use the old Classic Editor which was fortunately still available to us. As of today that option seems to be permanently closed to us. We may no longer publish pictures in the size and quality we’d wish for.  That entails that our advantage compared to other blogs has also disappeared!
We regret this deeply, but the decision really rests with WordPress!

We have, of course, tried to get in contact with WordPress, but it’s more than a year gone since these people terminated reading mails from their clients. Today one is supposed to tap into some kind of chatting channel to voice ones grievances with a random staff member. (I’m too old for this shit!)
That’s how things evolve when someone is growing out of its own market! And since we may no longer deliver the kind of product or the quality we’d wish for,
nor getting into contact with our blog supplier the way we used to, we choose to terminate our publishing of ever new pictures through this blog that no longer meet with our quality standards.

The blog, ‘SeeNorway’, with it nearly 6000 ‘full screen’ sized pictures, will remain published like today, and we will respond to possible new comments given !
But – we do expect that this will somehow change over time due to SPAM and other interference of which we have less control in the future.
Again we regret deeply. It didn’t have to go this way, and we expected a continuous line of communication with our blog supplier, but – this is not how our world is working anno 2017!
A warm thanks to all our loyal friends and followers for positive responses through all these years!

About Seenorway

'See Norway' vil i fremtid befatte seg med å vise bildereportasjer fra byer, kommuner og tettsteder rundt i Norge. 'See Norway' will take pride in showing you picture reports from communities and settlements throughout Norway. Contact: post@roby.no
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35 Responses to Time to go!

  1. It seems it is indeed twilight in paradise, nevertheless, your last pictures are excellent, ending on a high note for sure! Moreover, I assure you that old acquaintance will not be forgot!

    Here’s a New Year’s toast to this blog:

    Also, we always appreciate what we see, but forget how we see. Since we are in the year end giving season, I would like to recommend everyone to feel some compassion for cataract patients in extreme poverty:


    Thanks for this great blog, and for leaving this wonderful archive up for the benefit of the public for all time!

    • Seenorway says:

      Thanks for a wonderful greeting! I’m truely sorry to leave you all, but it doesn’t give me any pleasure to publish pictures that could have been so much better.
      And – I haven’t really left you either. I’m still alive and kicking, and I’m still walking around with my camera, but – the new editor cannot handle my pictures nor give me the tools I need.
      If WordPress found it in them to re-instate the old Classic Editor, I’d be back before you could blink an eye.
      So far, however, they don’t seem to mind people leaving WordPress? And that they will!
      You just wait and see!

      • Have you considered alternatives such as Tumblr or Instagram, they seem suitable and popular with photographers and musicians, so photos should do well there, but I have never and don’t plan on using them, so I’m not sure if it has all the tools you want. I feel you should keep blogging, it is best to keep doing things in old age.

        • Seenorway says:

          Yes, I know i’d better keep maintaining some kind of interest, but it dosen’t have to be blogging. I do have my photography!
          Instagram is owned by FB, I think, and their philosophy is to obtain ownership to everything loaded. That will not be ‘including my pictures’.
          What I’d want for my birthday celebrations is the access to the old Classic editor! Then everything would go back to normal! But even if I’m not posting new pictures, I will be here! And I will respond to questions or comments on the pictures already published.
          So whether you’ll be hearing from me in the future, is actually up to you guys? 🙂

          • I agree, I like WordPress the best, and I hope they restore the editor. Nevertheless, 6000 pictures is enough for a lifetime, and the things you post are timeless. Thus, enjoy the winter and I hope WordPress gives you a delightful Spring surprise!

            • Seenorway says:

              WordPress seems to ignore their clients completely these days? They seem to oversee that their existance are based entirely on the volume of clients and their satisfaction with service delivered. When you shut the door, refusing to listen to the problems they report from their daily experiences with WordPress, that’s the day things turn around!
              When they have a good thing going; things that do work satisfactory: DON’T FIX IT !!!

            • You know what they say: Simplicity is bliss.

            • Seenorway says:

              And this would possibly be your lucky day? 🙂
              I just found a new back door into the old editor! Just tested it out to make sure it wasn’t a bogus one, but it works!!! Full screen publishing will continue!!!

            • Seenorway says:

              Less work, more money! Yes, I know, but there is a backside to this slogan.
              And often it doesn’t manifest itself before it’s too late.

  2. niasunset says:

    Dear Friend, but I hope and wish you not to leave us. Don’t say time to go, yesterday it was a very chaotic on blogging world, with WP, But I am sure things will be fine soon. I don’t want to lose you, my problems seem solved, and I can find old pages now. I hope yours to be fine too, Thank you, Happy New Year! Love, nia

    • Seenorway says:

      Hi Nia,

      For me it’s not a matter of finding things. I’m not aware that I’ve lost anything, but then I might have without knowing it? 🙂
      They have made alterations to the statistics, but those I might live with. What I cannot accept is that I may no longer publish my pictures in ‘full screen’. Thats the chore idea of this blog! And without the old Classic Editor I can no longer remove a highly unwanted advertising text from Olympus sticking to all my pictures. Besides this new editor cannot handle the use of vertical frames, of which there are quite a few!
      I could find myself another blog portal, but being 80 years of age it’s too much work aand too time consumingf. Time is a luxury I no longer have! And over the next months I strongly believe that a lot more bloggers will pack up and leave! (Sorry!)
      If the old Classic Editor came back, I’d probably be back in a jiffy, but there’s no indications of this. But I’ll be moving in the shadows behind . . . 🙂

      • niasunset says:

        I can understand you and I hope they bring back the old classic editor. But the problem behind all these changes should be the number of the members. it’s growing every year. In my first years it was so beautiful, and there wasn’t any problem, all started with growing… But this is normal too. I still hope they will make the right thing. By the way if you find another and good place, please let me know. Good Luck and Happy New Year, Love, nia

        • Seenorway says:

          Well, Nia – as said: I’m too old to start all over again, so I won’t be looking for ‘somewhere else’ this time. And I have seen all this happen before.
          I was blogging on the largest newspaper in Norway for 3 years, and every time they executed an upgrade there were a lot of problems. And for the following 6 months something like 30% of the bloggers working there packed up and left.
          There were millions of bloggers using the old ‘classic editor’. Mark my words! This isn’t over! (But for me it might be!)

  3. niasunset says:

    I am so sad too, I lived these problem today and took my all enjoyment on the blogging life. They say they will search and solve the problem. I am not sure, how could someone or system act like me on my blog? What kind of problem this? If anyone hacker the blog, so where is the safe? Made me to think… I am sorry for you too dear, I hope this is not our New Year gift 🙂 Love, nia

    • Seenorway says:

      Hi Nia, I’ve seen this coming! After all I have been blogging actively for 12 years on different portals. Nearly always someone think they do have a much better solution and ends up wrecking things that have worked for years and years! Even worse: The new editor on WordPress had its short comings, but the old Classic Editor was working fine. This morning they closed down the access to it. Since then ther has been nothing but trouble! The new editor doesn’t handle ‘full screens’ (and it was probably not ment to), and it doesn’t handle vertical frames, nor does sit handle picture texting. It will give you a hyperlink, but it won’t delete one!
      And they won’t talk to us! Then they may sod off for all I care!

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  5. It is a great shame……WordPress does need to get a serious injection of bloggers feedback and input…..for a company designed to assist its users it seems constantly to shoot itself in the foot.

    • Seenorway says:

      Well, thanks for your support, David, but if you try sending a message like ‘Shame on you’, they just won’t be reading it, you see! Busy as they are ruining things that in fact do work rather splendidly. They have probably never heard the American slogan:
      ‘If it works, don’t fix it!’ But – if I cant deliver on my quality goals, I’d rather not deliver at all!
      The new modern editor don’t handle ‘fulls screen’ nor does it handle vertical frames. You may establish a hyper link, but you cannot delete one! And I could go on . . .
      No wonder people are sticking to the old one they know?! Now the door seems permanently closed and I’m afraid there will be others looking for a safe haven . . .?
      I’ve seen this happen before in no less than different 3 places! But it has been nice knowing you!

      • elmediat says:

        When the first changes occurred in 2015 with the new editor, I got Greasemonkey . It let me add a script that redirects to the old editor automatically. Was surprisingly easy to install & use (free). Below is the link for the script.


        • Seenorway says:

          That sounds very tempting! However, I feel a bit doubtful to this project? If they have barred the acccess to the old Classic Editor they mean for people NOT to use it?!
          And if we still do via ‘byways or script like this, they’ll probably just remove the whole thing? They seem to believe that their ‘new thing’ meets all needs, but it doesn’t!
          Far from it!
          The danger is that such a script installed will just prolong the agony? But – I’ll certainly look into it. How do I do this? Just click on the link and press download? That is all?
          And when I click on ‘Write’ I’ll suddenly find myself in the Old Classic Editor?
          Is it rerally that simple?

        • Seenorway says:

          Hm. Looked into this, but feel I’m out on a very tiny twig 🙂
          So I’ll have to install an ‘add-on’ to firefox before doing anything else? And then I have access to ‘thousands of scripts’ related to Mozilla Firefox? I would never find the right script (that’s for sure), but that is probably what you have given me beelow?
          But what will happen when/if Mozilla does an upgrade (which they do pretty often)?
          I’m NOT a member of the IT-generation! On the contrary: I’m an 80 year old guy with a camera! And I’ll be using my Firefox to a lot of other things in between . . .
          Don’t think I can handle this if anything fails?!

          • elmediat says:

            The script is the link I provided. So far it is all that I need.
            Understand your problem completely, and commend you on what you have accomplished. I am in my early 60s and also find much of the technical voodoo difficult – rely on my son and a local tech store for help. All the best. 🙂

        • Seenorway says:

          I got some help here, I see, with someone recommending a ‘greasemonkey’, but I haven’t the faintest idea how this will work.
          Way outside of my league. The simple msolution is that people put am collective prfessure on WordPress, but it’s probably not gonna happen . . 🙂

  6. Seenorway says:

    Nja, det blir ikke med meg! Jeg er 80 år nå, og den tiden jeg har igjen med et kamera skal jeg nyte på litt andre områder. Som jeg har sagt før, så behøver jeg jo strengt tatt ikke publisere noe som helst, selv om det er veldig hyggelig å kunne dele vakre bilder med andre.
    Nå blir det kanskje litt andre motivvalg fremover og en litt annen ‘kunstform’ (om man kan våge å kalle det det?)

    • vestlending says:

      Ja alderen er ingen hindring og det er jo bare å la vær og sette mål for dagen eller uken? Bruk den tiden som er nødvendig samt hygge seg med hobbyen! Men å vise hver krok av Norge er vel kanskje ikke det flertallet interesserer for? Derfor ville en ny blogg kunne konsentrere seg om kun bilder som fenger mengdene?

      • Seenorway says:

        Det blir jo enkelt? Prekestolen, Bergen, Geiranger. Trollvegge/stigen, Lofotfisket, Lofoten . End of Story Og når våre første 50 000 har sett disse 1000 bildene – hva så? Nei, vett’u – jeg har gitt min skjerv til ‘norsk turisme’, og det har jeg sannelig ikke så veldig mye igjen for utover det privilegiet å kunne bruke deler av min pensjon/tid/penger til å fore opp kassene til norske oljeselskaper. Nei, nå får andre leve ut sine ideer! Lykke til! Jeg vil prøve meg i en helt ny retning.

        Hadde norske Fotoklubber kjent sin besøkelsestid så kunne vi hatt et aksjeselskap med en bildebase på 100 000 ‘full screen’bilder på ett eneste år, men slik gikk det ikke. Ingen vil satse. Ingen vil donere bilder og alle vil styre skuta. Da kommer man som kjent svært få steder!

  7. vestlending says:

    Jeg vil imidlertid ikke trykke liker på denne beslutningen!

  8. vestlending says:

    Utrolig trist! Men flott at bloggen med nær 6000 bilder fortsatt kan glede alle besøkende og at du fortsatt vil være der for de som kommenterer!

    • Seenorway says:

      Jo, jeg forstår at noen synes det er trist, men for det første krever en levende blogg en aktiv respons. Langt for mange sitter på gjerdet og leser direkte fra en nettleser uten å gi noen som helst respons. Hvis alle gjorde det, ble det aldrei et ‘blogg-miljø’. Men i dette tilfellet er det ikke responsen som mangler, men mulighetgen til å levere den kvalitet man ønsker. Samtidig er det for dårlig når kommunikasjonen med tjernesteleverandør bygges ned. Jeg er 80 år og sitter ikke i kø på en chatte-kanal for å si hva jeg har på hjertet. Særlig ikke når de burde skjønne det sjøl!

    • vestlending says:

      Jeg vil imidlertid få erkjenne at SN har vært en inspirasjonskilde og en glede i de årene produksjon har vært under prosess! Jeg hadde nå håpet selv å kunne bidra med tilsammen 200 bilder der jeg manglet bare 11! Nå er ikke dette lenger mulig men det er min egen feil! Jeg håper imidlertid at SN kan oppstå på ny på en eller annen måte og på egen plattform om mulig! jeg skjønner at dette ville bety en enorm jobb men en hyggelig jobb! Så lenge det er liv er det håp!

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