Top of the Mark

Så har vi kommet til den aller øverste del av Hemsedal!  Riktignok ligger det store ‘Eldrevannet’ en snau kilometer lenger frem, men vi har kommet omtrent så, langt som vi skal denne gang. Men vi skal ta et par bilder til, og – kanskje vil solen dukke opp igjen?
Da kan det fort bli et par bilder ekstra på hjemveien også!
Dette er bare en bekk som har sitt utspring fra ‘Slettevatnet’, og som dere også skal få et bilde av. Og venter man bare lenge nok, så får man gjerne et vindu på 10 sekunder med sol også! Fjellene dere ser i bakgrunnen ligger trygt  innenfor grensen til ‘Sogn & Fjordane’!
Then we have finally reached the location where we plan to turn around. Well, there is ,of course, the large lake ‘Eldrevatnet’ a short mile up ashead, but we’ll only be taking a picture of the lake ‘Slettevatnet’ located across the road. Then we’ll be heading home, but – perhaps the sun will return (like here for a period of 10 seconds)
This creek is coming out of lake ‘Slettevatnet’, and who knows – maay be the sun will reappear and we might shoot a coupler of frames on our return journey as well?

The mountains in the back of this picture are well beyond the boarderline to the county of ‘Sogn & Fjordane’
(Compliments of SRB)

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2 Responses to Top of the Mark

  1. Seenorway says:

    Thank you, Sue. Nice to hear from you again. I was just reading about a fabulous new lense from Zuico: Effective 600 mm with apparture of 1,4 What pictures couldn’t I be taking 🙂 , but nothing comes free! Not this one either (NOK 26 000) and -having no revenue on my hobby, it won’t happen! 🙂 And as long as I’m staying on landscapes, I don’t really need it.
    Bird & and animal photography, however . . .?! (And for ‘paparazzi’ !!! 😀

  2. Beautiful my friend.. Sending warm thoughts your way and wishing you a wonderful week Hugs Sue x

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