Beautiful Luster Fjord

Jeg har lyst til å tegne et litt større bilde for dere: Fjellet over fjorden mot høyre heter ‘Molden’ og er 1118 meter høyt. Herfra kan man se omtrent hele Lusterfjorden i alle retninger!  På baksiden av Molden ligger bygda ‘Solvorn‘ hvor det har vært bosetting siden på 1500 tallet. Tvers over fjorden på odden til venstre ligger Urnes stavkirke. Begge steder er omtalt i separate foto-reportasjer. (Følg linkene om dere vil se mer!)

I’d like to give you ‘the big picture’ from Luster:
The mountain across the fjord to your right is called ‘Molden’ and is 3689 feet high. The acess is said to be relatively easy and from here you may see pratically all of the Luster fjord.
Directly back of Molden we’ll find the settlement ‘Solvorn‘, where people have been living since the 1500!  And across the fjord at the tip to your left lies ‘the Urnes Stav Church‘.
All of these places have been presented through separate photo reports.
Please follow the links if you have a mind to see more!
(Compliments of SRB)

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3 Responses to Beautiful Luster Fjord

  1. Seenorway says:

    We have given you a link to ‘Solvorn’. So far the post ‘Beatiful Lusterfjord’ has been lifted 24 times since publishing. It has given us 18 ‘Likes’ (Thank you!) But – as far as we can tell – NOBODY has taken the opportunity to open the link to ‘Solvorn’. The Solvorn Report includes 32 full screen photos from a very picturesque little place, – during the summer visited by thousands of people that pay thousands of dollars to see it!
    You may see it absolutely free! But – NOBODY have used the chance! Please explain to me:
    ‘Why so’? And why should we continue to present you with links that you don’t care to use?!
    The same goes for the link to ‘Urnes Stav Church’! Why???!

  2. DPNews says:

    Great picture!

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