My Morning Shock

Av en eller annen grunn våknet jeg – tidlig!  Klokken var bare 04.15 !!!  Det var jo ‘svarte natta’?  Eller var det?  Av en eller annen grunn kunne jeg skimte flaggstangen hos naboen? Og så var det visst en soloppgang . . .?
Og mitt kamera som lå på bordet var påmontert et macro-objektiv fra gårsdagens fotografering? Det fikk ikke hjelpe, for her sto det om minutter (og knapt nok det!)

Så jeg håper dere unnskylder?  Et morgenbilde med macro onjektiv og fra en posisjon som er laaangt fra ideell, men – det ble et bilde! Og alternativet var ‘intet bilde i det hele tatt’!
Da blir valget enkelt når det ser slik ut?

For some reason I awoke early. Very early! (o4.15 am !!!) In the black of the night?
Or was it? Why was it possible to make out the neighbours flag pole? It seemed like a  sunup in progress . . . ?
And with my camera lying on the table – fitted with a macro lense from yesterdays job?
It couldn’t be helped. Here only minutes were of importance.(And not even that!)

So I hope you’ll excuse my somewhat rash actions shooting a sunup with a macro lense?
And from a position far from the best?  Because it was that, or no picture at all!
Then alternatives become easy when things are looking like this?
(Compliments of SRB)

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2 Responses to My Morning Shock

  1. Seenorway says:

    No, I cannot, David, Struggeling with a case of ‘Rosen’, for the time being’ and even if the pains are reduced by lifting my legs, it becomes 10 times worse when I’m forced to put them back down!
    Have antibiotics here, but it’s a timeconsuming business and I don’t think I’ll be OK before June 20th.
    The problem is that I had planned a photo excursion next week, but I really don’t know whether I’ll be fit to see it through?!

  2. Well you have been wanting and waiting for a sunrise shot….and the heavens obliged. You can put your feet up for the rest of the day now 🙂

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