Lier – Finnemarka

I utgangspunktet var Finnemarka et mer eller mindre ukjent område for meg, men nå som jeg hadde skaffet med en elektrisk sykkel, åpnet det seg en del nye muligheter. Og etter å ha studert kartet på nett, la jeg trøstig i vei.

Originally the area called ‘Finnemarka’ was more or less unfamiliar to me, but – having purchased an electric bicycle, new options were opening up to me. And after having studied maps available om the net, I was mounting my new bike . . .
Førstre hindring var Solbergelva, men der fantes jo en bro . . .
The first obstacle was the ‘River Solberg’, but, of course, there was a bridge . . .
Og veien fortsatte forbi et større vann hvoretter den begynte å klatre oppover åssiden –
The road passed a large dam, then started to climb the hillside –
Jeg trodde først jeg hadde fått en mørk flekk på låret, men da jeg kikket litt nærmere etter, så hadde jeg plutselig fått med meg en ‘blindpassasjer’ –

First I thought I’d gotten a black spot om my thigh, but looking a bit closer I discovered that I had  gotten me a ‘stowaway’ –
På toppen av den første lange bakken åpnet terrenget seg litt og det ble mulig å ta et panoramabilde av denne delen av Finnemarka –

On the top of the first long upward hillside the terrain opened up and it became possible to shoot a panorama picture of this part of ‘Finnemarka’ –

Og akkurat her holdt turen på å få en brå slutt. Jeg var nok litt sliten etter en ganske lang klatring, og da jeg hørte brusen av elven langt under meg, svingte jeg mot kanten for å se om det var noe jeg burde ta bilde av? Motoren jobbet for fullt da løs grus plutselig tok over styring av sykkelen, og før jeg visste ordet av det, var jeg på vei over kanten og ut i elva!
Refleksene overtok og jeg fikk slengt meg av sykkelen samtidig som jeg forhindret den i å styrte over veikanten . . . (Men jeg fikk litt juling!)

And just about here my trip could have gotten an abrupt ending!  I must have been a bit exhausted climbing a steep hillside when I heard the sound of a river far underneath.
I steered the bicycle towards the edge of the road, motor still working, when my front wheel was suddenly caught up by soft gravel, and before I knew it, I was on my way over the edge! Fortunately my reflexes kicked in and I managed to jump of my bike and prevent
it from ending on the bottom of the gorge . . .  (But I got me a beating!)
Et par kilometer lenger fremme kom jeg over dette idylliske lille tjernet. Jeg kan dessverre ikke fortelle dere navnet. Ikke engang kartet hadde et navn på dette lille tjernet.

A mile up the road I came across this idyllic little pond, but unfortunately I can’t tell you the name. Not even the map offered me a name.
Litt vått og myrete var det jo, men vakkert . . .

Slightly wet and marshy it was, yes, but beautifu . . .

Her støter vi gjen på elven ‘Nykjua’. Litt forvirrende kanskje, men siden vassdraget kommer fra et par sjøer som tilfeldigvis heter ‘store’ og ‘lille’ Nykjua, så kommer navnet til overflaten – ofte litt uventet! 🙂
Men bare nyt naturen!

Here again we find the river ‘Nykjua’. A bit confusing, may be, but since the watercourse itself comes out of two lakes called ‘small’ and ‘large’ Nykjua, then the name comes to the surface – often a bit unexpected. Just enjoy the nature!
Her har Nykjua plutelsig blitt til ‘Tverrelva’, men litt lenger nede skifter den igjen navn til ‘Nykjua’ –

Here ‘Nykjua’ has suddenly become ‘Tverrelva’, but a bit further down it changes back to ‘Nykjua’.
Ser dere?  Her er det ‘Nykjua’ igjen, og her flyter elven relativt rolig for et par hundre meter . . .
See?  ‘River Nykjua’ again! And here the river floates rather calmy for a couple of hundred meters.
Etter en rundtur på rundt 10-12 km i Finnemarka, har vi igjen kommet tilbake til ‘Dammyrdammen’. Vannstanden er litt lavere enn forventet, men det er et koselig sted å stoppe. På et sted langs vannkanten er det tiltrettelagt for picknic  og kanskje litt bading . . .

After a roundtrip of approximately  7-8 miles through the area of ‘Finnemarka’, we have again returned to ‘Dammyrdammen’- The water level is a bit lower than expected, but it’s a nice place to stop. In a place along the shore , things are prepared for an eventual picknic or perhaps a fresh swim?
Igjen krysser vi en liten elv, eller rettere sagt ‘bekk’. Det er ‘Kårevannsbekken’ som her finner vei . . .

Again we’re crossing a small river , or should we say ‘creek’? It’s the ‘Kaarevannsbekken’ that finds its way down . . .
Vakker natur?  Men nå er det på tide å komme seg hjem! Takk for følget!
Beautiful nature?  OK, but its time to get home. Thank you for your company.
(Compliments of SRB)

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20 Responses to Lier – Finnemarka

  1. wow, you got a bunch of excellent photos here but the ones capturing the reflections I really enjoyed a whole lot!! You seem to have the best nature shots and must have a lot of nature around you!! Also, what kind of bug is that?

    • Seenorway says:

      What kind of bug?! To be honest, I haven’t got a clue! At the time I was using my bike ’cause I may stop anywhere without having to think of other traffic, and this bug suddenly decided to take a break on my thigh. I just shot a frame before brushing it off, but just around the next bend I came across a Norwegian wiper lying in the middle of the road. That has been presented in another post:

      • Oh my but you are either crazy or brave…I can’t decide which for getting that close to the viper!!! Crazy I am leaning towards 🙂 ….so do you feel happy with your electric bike purchase? I’ve wondered about them and if they are any good or not.

        • Seenorway says:

          Well, not that brave (nor stupid) but as you can see, it’s not coiled up and it’s not in a best possible position to attack where I stand. And I don’t think she was particular nervous holding her head that low? So we made an agreement: I certainly wouldn’t harm her if she’d only stay motionless till I had my pictures? That worked quite fine! 🙂
          Did you remember that all my photos are ‘full screen’? She’ll fill your screen!

          About electric bikes: This is a model that may be folded down to fit into the trunk of a normal car. And it has a range of about 20-22 miles before re-charging.
          But – it does have the crank/motor on the front wheel and that’s a set back! It makes the bike very heavy to use if you want to save electricity becaus you’ll have to turn that around as well as power the bike with your muscles. The crank/motor at the petals will work much better, but comes more expensive!

          • Ha,…making a deal with a viper?! Not me! Although I did recently conquer my ridiculous fear of snakes recently after holding a python, then mere days later I discovered a thin but long snake INSIDE my house!!! I got one of those “grabber” devices and was able to remain calm, grab it and toss over the fence in my backyard into the tree field. Once I was done, I couldn’t believe how I was able to be calm as prior to me holding that python I would probably have (seriously) died of a heart attack from pure fear!!!! My kids were not even allowed to have rubber snakes inside the house!
            Yes, I can double click your photos to enlarge to full size 🙂 .
            I have looked into the electric bikes before but now thinking maybe an electric shooter might be more what I would fine more helpful as they are smaller in weight and more compact. But then I have all kinds of ways I can think to spend money….but where’s the money coming from ha ha!

            • Seenorway says:

              Money grows on trees (haven’t you heard), but some find it’s easier to smile to a kind
              husband?! 🙂 , but seriously – handling a snake without knowing exactly what kind – that’s risky!!! Some are really agile besides beeing extremely poisenous.
              Here in Norway we only have this ordinary wiper (and it won’t kill you), allthough it would probably kill a small dog/cat or whatever. Not very dangerous unless you happen to be allergic!

            • Ha…I need one of those rich husbands too!! Or to win the lottery!! If I ever win the lottery I am traveling the world!!!

            • Seenorway says:

              Right! And when you’re back from your cruise you’ll be just as broke as ever before? 🙂
              You’ll need to get a job that’ll take you around the world getting paid as you go!

            • Maybe broke but full of memories as no worse for the wear right 😃 yes, a job that afforded me that would be pretty wonderful! Never say never right😁

            • Seenorway says:

              Right! Perhaps as an airline stewardess? A cruise-guide? A sales representative marketing time-share apartments?
              A photo journalist? Stewardess, chef or other positions within the merchant marine? Travel agent? The jobs are there! And you’ll get a free board as well as running wages experiencing the world on your spare time. I used to ber a radio officer in the merchant marine. That kind of position doesn’t exist any more today, but it got me to 73 different countries an d getting paid to do it!

            • 73 Countries?!?! Wow, I’d LOVE to hear more of your travels!!! Gosh, I would love to but there is the family here to think about so I couldn’t really do a traveling job as a full time position but perhaps some kind of mission work maybe? What were some of your favorite places you visited?

            • Seenorway says:

              Aw, that’s one hell of a tough question to put to a man having passed 80 and with a partly failing memory 😀
              You,ll have to remember that many of these countries has undergone extensive changes since I visited and in many cases it’s nowhere near
              what it once was. Neither am I !!! 🙂 Favorites? Hm! Western Canada, perhaps? US West Coast was very pleasant! As was the Gulf Coast
              given the right situation! Western Australia?! May be because I lived there for a year back in the late 50thies!
              Singapore was an extremely clean city! I really can’t put a finger to it, but I remember liking Penang in Malaysia rather good.
              And there was a speck in the Indian Ocean called Christmas Island, Only 12 sq.miles but as near a ‘tropical island’ as you might get.
              The Phillipines were grat, but even then a lot of crimes being comitted. Today it’s hopless!
              I remember loving Kenya with its wildlife. If it hadn’t been for the terror and instability in Africa for the time being, that’s one place I could return to – with a top camera! 🙂 Choice of the year? Perhaps Portugal? That’s one place I haven’t been to and I could prpbably be persuaded to visit under the right conditions, but otherwise I have travelled enough in my time.

            • Yes, such a shame that so many would no longer be the same but I hope some have gotten better! I think I would enjoy Canada too and that is more close to me so maybe not too unrealistic of an idea for me 🙂 .
              Ha..I never look at you as being past 80 🙂 – you seem quite vibrant and outgoing and that age hasnt slowed you much. Oh, yes I would love to visit many of the places you mentioned but Kenya would be high on my list too! I have seen many photos of Portugal too and sure wouldn’t turn that down either!

            • Seenorway says:

              No, I don’t believe it has slowed me down all that much, but – that’s the danger.
              Balance isn’t what it used to be, and judgement might be somewhat less than I’d like it to be.
              So when one move with the same speed as ever (or think he does 🙂 ) it’s easy to get into trouble!
              A Sign is the way I write. Typing error once didn’t exist, but today I miss out on letters or I get double (depending on how hard I hit the keyboard. And I don’t notice because I don’t expect it to be any errors there! Getting old may be a challenge! But we’re all going down that road at some time . . .

            • I see some of these issues at 52 as well….eyesight and depth is out of whack slightly. I’d like to blame my typo’s or missing words and sentences on my age but no dice…always been a poor proof reader 🙂
              “Getting old isn’t for sissy’s right?!” 🙂

            • Seenorway says:

              You can say that again! Even so, that’s how you feel at times, and there is nothing much to be done about it!

  2. cichosza says:

    piękne krajobrazy !

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