Vigilant Mother

Når man nærmer seg 80, så er dessverre ikke beina lenger helt hva de engang var! Hva gjør man da?  Man kjøper seg en sykkel som man kan bruke på veier som ellers er stengt med bom. En  skikkelig sammenleggbar EL-sykkel!
Og du tenker absolutt ikke på at det er ca 60 år siden man sist satt på en sykkel!

When you’re closing in on 80, your legs are unfortunately no longer quite the same as they once were. (Not even close!) So – then what do you do?
You buy yourself a bicycle allowed on roads otherwise closed to motorized traffic!
A modern EL-bicycle!
And you don’t even contemplate that its about 60 years sicec you were last driving one!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Jeg har ikke noe bilde av dette, men jeg er ikke sikker på om mitt forsikringsselskap ville ha godtatt mine handlinger. Det gikk rimelig raskt oppover bakke, og enda fortere nedover! Og jeg som er vant til en kraftig 4×4, oppdaget plutselig at enkelte hull og ujevnheter i veien var langt større enn hva jeg satte pris på.
Så da jeg hørte fossebrus nede i en ravine, svingte jeg ut på, kanten for å se om det var noe jeg burde ta bilde av? Men – kanten var løs og mens motoren arbeidet villig, var jeg plutselig på vei ut over kanten . . .
Jada, det gikk galt!  Så da har jeg antagelig lært den leksa, men det er neimen ikke mye som skal til!

I have no picture of this,k but I’m not conviced my insurance company would  condone my actions today. Uphill it went rather quick, and downhill even quicker! And I – familiar with a solid 4×4 discovered suddenly that some holes and bumps in the road were far bigger than I liked: Suddenly I heard the sound of a waterfall from a gorge beside the road. I tried to manouver closer to the edge to see if there was something for me to photograph, when suddenly the road shoulder gave way and I found myself moving over the edge. . .
Yes, it went all wrong! So probably I’ve learned another lesson about how little it takes !

Plutselig oppdaget jeg noe svart på veien foran sykkelen!  For sent oppdaget jeg at det var en hoggorm, men antagelig var det en unge. Den nådde ikke opp til meg, og jeg bommet på den med 15-20 cm. Ingen krise, men en ny lærepenge om hva som kan skje om  man ikke er oppmerksom!

Suddenly I discovered something black in the middle of the road. Too late I saw that it was a wiper lying in the road.  He was probably as stunned as I was. Possibly just a very small one, and I missed him with something like 15-20 cm and he didn’t reach me on the bike, but – a new lesson on what could happen if I wasn’t concentrating on what I was doing.

Og så plutselig – rundt neste sving lå den der. Midt i veien!  Her skulle jeg tydeligvis få en leksjon om råkjøring på avstengte fredelige skogsveier . . .

And then suddenly – around the next bend she was there. In the middel of the road.
Evidently  I was about to receive a lecture on reckless driving on peaceful closed forest roads?

 Men det var jo også en fantastisk anledning til å få gode bilder av Norges eneste giftslange?  Så jeg steg forsiktig av sykkelen uten brå bevegelser, grep kameraet og gikk ned i knestående.  Hun ble liggende stille –

But  – this was also a fantastic opportunity the get fantastic pictures of the only poisenous snake in Norway?  So I carefully came down off my bicycle, palmed my camera and went down on my knees. She never moved!
Audiens innvilget, så lenge jeg ikke misbrukte hennes gjestfrihet?
Audience granted, as long as I don’t abuse her hospitality?

Takk skal du ha huggorm-mor!  Det går en tid mellom hver gang man får en slik mulighet!
Thank you  ‘mother wiper’!  It’ll be a while before I get another chance like this!
(Compliments of SRB )

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10 Responses to Vigilant Mother

  1. Wow Svein I don’t think I would have gotten down on my knees to take its picture. It was a great shot though. You are a brave fellow!!!!!

    • Seenorway says:

      Well, no, I don’t think it’s all that dangerous if you know what you are doing. Keeping a low profile, moving slow (not threatening) and most important – keeping out of reach.
      And I got myself a number ofd sharp pictures from our meeting!

      • You got some excellent images.

          • There sure is a whole lotta learning with photography and we’re enjoying the learning process.

            • Seenorway says:

              It’s much about trying, failing and trying again! But everybody should learn the ground rules about how things work together. ‘Light’ is the main thing. ‘Movements’ th other. At last the field of depth. Once you have a clear idea of how to utilize this elements, digital photography is virtually free.
              The only cost of importance is your camera. The electronic shutter in a modern camera will last aapproximately 300 000 exposures!
              It may be replaced for a sum, but most likely you’ve been so much time between cameras that it pays to buy a new one with the last enhancements in camera technology.

            • Seenorway says:

              This wasn’t so much photography as it was interacting with nature.
              All very natural really!

  2. Seenorway says:

    Yes, I was. Usually they try to slither away, but this once she felt rather confident, I think, and as long as I didn’t make any sudden movements and kept a low profile, I was allowed to take as many pictures as I wished. That turned out to be a positiv encounter for both parties 🙂

  3. Take care 🙂 You lucky to see that lovely snake.

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