Arnafjord – Framfjord

Fra Sognefjorden går en liten uanselig fjord inn mot syd. En fjord man nesten aldri hører om: Arnafjord!

From the Sognefjord a small not noticable fjord runs southward. A fjord you rarely hear about: Arnafjord!
I den innerste delen går en enda mindre fjord mot øst: Framfjord
At the inner part of Arnefjord another even smaller fjord runs East: Framfjord
Framfjord_1F3A3075_S_UlvundEt lite panoramabilde over Framfjord viser det store bildet.
A small panorama shot over Framfjord lets you have ‘the big picture’!”
(Complements of SUL)

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2 Responses to Arnafjord – Framfjord

  1. C.E.Robinson says:

    Svein, tranquility at the max! Beautiful photos! Happy weekend! 💛 Elizabeth

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