Lake Granvin

Idag bringer vi et vakkert bilde av Granvinsvatnet og Øvre Vassenden.
Det er ikke mer enn noen uker siden at  et massivt jordras feiet veien langs Granvinsvatnet ut i sjøen, men forhåpentligvis vil den bli midlertidig reparert så fort som mulig?
Granvinsvatnet_1F3A4753Today we bring you a beautiful picture from ‘Lake Granvin‘ and the settlement
Oevre Vassenden‘.
Only weeks ago a massive landslide swept the road through the valley right out into the lake, but hopefully it will be repaired to allow driving in the near future.
Holven_Granvin_1F3A0807_S_UlvundGranvinsvatnet_1F3A4234_S_UlvundDette er slik det normalt ser ut langs Granvinsvatnet.
This is what it normally looks like along the shores of ‘Lake Granvin’

(Compliments of SUL)

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12 Responses to Lake Granvin

  1. Helen Bushe says:

    How beautiful. We had some landslides due to flooding in the Lake District in Dec/Jan . One of the main tourist roads finally reopened this week.

  2. Jeanne says:

    Enjoy your posts. Our school hosts an exchange student from Sweden, Beatta, and she often tells us about her village near the ocean. My family heritage is from Finland. I may never be able to see in person but photos will do.

  3. Jeanne says:

    A beautiful village. Natural occurrences leave us hurt and vulnerable.

  4. Ümit says:

    What a very nice picture!

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