The Old Master

Han står der ved veien: Stor og mektig, nærmest uangripelig, og antagelig har han stått der i flere hundre år? Et mektig eiketre som nekter å gi etter for tidens tann. Du finner det på ‘Gamle Hallingdalsvei’ like ved prestegården.
Den Gamle Mester!

He’s standing there by the wayside: Large, majestic, nearly untouchable, and most likely he’s been standing there for several hundred years. A might oak refusing to give in to old age! You’ll find it on the ‘Old hallingdal Rd’ just outside of Noresund close to
‘the Vickers Home’

Man må nok ennå vente noen uker før han får på seg sin vante løvdrakt, men i mellomtiden falt jeg for fristelsen til å lage et mer stilistisk bilde av ham i all sin nakenhet.
You’ll probably wait yet another couple of weeks before his properly dressed in his usual dress of leaves, but in the meantime I fell for the temptation to shoot a more stylic picture of him in all his nudity.

Presten og dikteren Jørgen Moe bodde på prestegården i Krødsherad fra 1853-1863 og skrev et dikt om denne sagnomsuste eika. Den var allerede på det tidsspunkt en mektig ‘herre’. Jørgen Moe er forøvrig den ene halvparten av duoen Asbjørnsen og Moe som er kilde til en av våre største og best kjente eventyr-samlinger. Idag finnes et museum over Asbjørnesen og Moes eventyrsamling på ‘Villa Fridheim’ som ligger på en halvøy ute i Krøderen.

The priest and poet Joergen Moe was living on the premises from 1853-1863 and wrote a today well known poem about this mighty oak tree. Even then it had become a rather mighty ‘Master’.  Joergen Moe is, by the way’ the one half of the renowned couple known as ‘Asbjoernsen & Moe which has written one of the largest and well renowned collection of children adventures. Tolday there is a museum built over the collections of
‘Asbjoernsen & Moe at ‘Villa Fridheim’ located on a penisula at ‘lake Kroederen’ near by.
(Compliments of SRB)

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4 Responses to The Old Master

  1. milliethom says:

    The oak has been my favourite tree since I was a child. ‘Mighty’ is the only word to describe these magnificent things. The huge, ancient ones like this one are simply awe-inspiring. I live not far away from ‘The Major Oak’ growing in Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire, UK. It is always associated with Robin Hood and is, like your oak, hundreds of years old. We’ll be visiting Sherwood Forest in two weeks’ time, as there is an event on, so I’ll be posting about it then. Lovely post

    • Seenorway says:

      Thank you, Millie, and welcome back! There are more than 5000 pictures in ‘full screen’ here that you haven’t yet seen 🙂
      (And more will be coming!)

  2. I am a tree hugger form way back 🙂

    • Seenorway says:

      Hi, Sherry –
      This particular tree was declared ‘protected’ as far back as 1914.
      You would have been immediately expelled, I think . . 🙂
      (Made a mistake here, Sherry! ‘Hugger’ with a double ‘g’ means relates to ‘chopping down’ in Norwegian)
      Don’t know where I was here!
      So you loved the tree?! 🙂

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