March Surprise

Etter å ha opplevd en Januar og en Februar måned pratisk talt uten snø, så var det med et visst håp at vi åpnet vår kalender for Mars måned. For kunne vi unnslippe snø i ytterligere en uke eller to, så ville antagelig stigende temperaturer sette et punktum for årets vinter før den hadde kommet i gang?
Men Mars er og blir Mars! Måneden da alt kan skje! Så også denne gang.  I løpet av natten kom det i overkant 40 cm på vår terrasse. Siden har det snødd gjennom dagen 3-4 dager i trekk. Ikke de store tunge snøfnuggene, men meget små – og meget mange! Nok til å erstatte dem som tiner gjennom dagen. Vinteren har festet sitt grep – også i år!
Picture 3803bAfter having experienced a January and a February pratically without any snow at all, it was with a ray of hope that we opened our calendar to the month of March!  Because if we could avoid the snow for another couple of weeks, rising temperatures would probably stop the coming winter before it even got started? But – the month of March is March; the month when anything might happen. Which, of course, did – this time as well !
During the night we suddenly got a good 20 inches of snow on our terrace! Since then it has been snowing more or less continuesly. Not the large snow flakes, but very small and for a very long time! Enough to compensate for any melting in between!Picture 3805bOK, da!  Så ble det en slags vinter i år også!  Det er jo likevel ikke så verst
å se på?
Men nå venter jeg virkelig på våren . . .
OK, then! At last it became kind of winterish this year as well!  It doesn’t look all that bad either? But now I’m really looking forward to the spring . . .!
(Compliments of SRB)

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15 Responses to March Surprise

  1. I. Greenwald says:

    Your last photo is post card beautiful.

    • Seenorway says:

      Thank you! It was taken just a 100 yards from where I live!
      I see you have been visiting a lot og my posts. And that’s very nice!
      Be sure to utilize the ‘INDEX’ which will make everything much easier on you! You’ll find
      a return link at the end of each post. If you keep the ‘shift’ button down choosing a destination, you may X out and immediately find yourself back on index for a new choice! Please notice the all pictures have an ID-code (3 letters) in the lower right corner:
      If you find an adept photographer you like, you may enter this 3-letter codde into the small
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      Or you could enter a star (*) in the same widow and see all the most popular posts on the blog. Please enjoy!

  2. I can see you enjoy the snow when you don’t have to face the prospects of months more of it ahead. Norwegians are, after all born with skis on their feet. I am the same with summer. Unbearable unless it is late in Feb or early March then it loses some of its ‘bite’!

    • Seenorway says:

      Hi Amanda,
      You’re a victim of an illusion, Amanda, and I can’t recall ever hearing my departed mother complaining about skis of any kind? Seriously – in my younger days skis were fun only, but getting of age, with icy and slippery surface and snow by the tons that had to be removed from our yard (my old back protesting each showel) I can do without! But it’s nice as a photo motive!
      I remember my youger days, when I’d function well within minus 35 to plus 35 degrees,
      but now (close to 80) I thrive best from 10 – 25 degrees plus. You’ll get there as well one day! 😉

      • I can see it would be a problem in your seventh decade!! I’ll keep my romantic illusion though and you can gave my Australian summer heat and humidity. I am over it!!

        • Seenorway says:

          Large quantities of snow doesn’t become me very well these days! 🙂
          So, you’re operating out of Australia? I used to live there for a while back in the late 58/59.
          That’s really ages ago! (Mostly in Freemantle/Perth-area )

          • Were you involved in the mining area – Western Australia’s biggest industry? Perth would have changed a bit since then. What is your fondest memory of Australia?

            • Seenorway says:

              That is one tough question, Amanda! Keep in mind it’s about 60 years ago!!!
              But I was rather often at a place called Cottesloe Beach. (A nice placee to be!)
              Up into the Red Hills I found a pristine spot called Yanchep Caves which I visited a number of times.
              Caves with stalakits, lighted under ground lakes for quite a distance. Don’t remember how large any more, but we were at least 50 people inside at the same time . . .
              But my flat was situated in Freemantle and most of the time I operated in this environment.

            • Cotteslie is very famous especially for surfing!! ( and more recently from shark attacks!!!) Otherwise it is lovely. Must be fond memories.

  3. Mormor says:

    Hm, datt den ut den da. Jaja, Vi kan måtte vente på væren en smule til, men er det så farlig da. Vakre bilder 🙂

    • Seenorway says:

      Hei Mormor,

      I kveld hørte jeg på nyhetene at det skal bli sol i morgen! Og fredag/lørdag skal det bli 8-10 varmegrader og sol!!! Da vet vi det: Gud leser min blog!!! ;-D

  4. Mormor says:

    Venter veldig på vår, men det kan nok ta litt tid ennå. Flotte bilder 🙂

  5. Annie says:

    Vinteren kan være utrolig vakker 🙂 Bildene dine får meg til å smile Svein, de er nydelige 🙂

    • Seenorway says:

      Men Hei, Annie! En stund siden sist nå? Hyggelig å høre fra deg. Snart er våren her og forhåpentligvis skal jeg greie å reise litt til rundt omkring i år (men anklene mine begynner å ‘krangle’) og som man sier: ‘Det er en grense for alt’. (Men jeg lever i håpet)
      Er litt usikker på om dette er forkalkninger eller en begynnende leddgikt . . .
      Men hyggelig at du liker bildene mine. (Skal sende deg ett annet pr mail)

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