Hardanger – Utne

Utne i Ullensvang kommune er et vakkert lite fergested som ligger ytterst mot nord på Folgefonnhalvøya, og her reiser tusenvis av turister hvert år med fergen over til Kvanndal.
Da bildet ble tatt ble det foretatt oppussingsarbeidet på Utne kirke, men den ligger altså delvis skjult bak det store treet til venstre i bildet. Kirken ble forøvrig bygget i 1895 og er bygget som en langkirke i tre og har plass til 360 mennesker. Her ute på Utne bor det ca 160 mennesker fast!

Utne, located in the municipality of Ullensvang, is a beautiful little ferry port and lies on the northernmost tip of the Folgefonna peninsula. From here thousands of tourists every year take the ferry across to Kvanndal.
When this picture was taken, the Utne church was undergoing repairs, but you may see it partly hidden behind the trees to the left in this picture. This church, by the way, was built as a long church in 1895 and seats 360 people. Utne has a population of 160 people!
Utne_1F3A3605På Utne ligger også ‘Hardanger Folkemuseum‘ helt ut mot Utnefjorden.
Utne_1F3A3608At Utne we also find the ‘Hardanger Folkemuseum‘ facing the Utne fjord

Utne_Hotel_1F3A3650Utne Hotel er et av de eldste hoteller i vårt land. Det åpnet allerede i 1722 !!!
The Utne Hotel is actually one of the oldest hotels in our country. It was opened in 1722 !
(Compliments of SUL)

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6 Responses to Hardanger – Utne

  1. utesmile says:

    Haha, the church seats more than Utne’s inhabitants. They are optimistic. Probably lots of tourists come there. Looks a sweet village!

  2. Inger says:

    Virkelig idyllisk! 🙂

  3. Seenorway says:

    Good morning, Mintu,
    These particular pictures were not my doing 🙂 , but I’m glad that you like my blog. And there will be many more pictures in the future. It’s a smart move to register at my front page. That way you’ll be alerted everytime we post something new. And please share our address with your friends!

  4. I am visiting this site after a very long time. photographs are breath taking. Please do take pictures and post for us. Have a great day.

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