Vinje – Raulandsgrendi

Vinje er en stor kommune som i areal omfatter hele 3117 mens det totale folketallet i kommunen bare ligger på 3689 mennesker! Idag skal vi imidlertid besøke distriktet ‘Rauland‘ som ligger på grensen til store fjellområder inkludert en anselig del av Hardangervidda Nasjonalpark! Tidligere var Rauland egen kommune med et totalt folketall på 1556 mennesker!   Vi starter i den gamle tettbebyggelsen . . .

Vinje is a rather large municipality including as much as 3117, while the total population only counts 3689 people! Today we are visiting the region of ‘Rauland‘, which is located on the outskirts of a massive mountain region as well as on the outskirts of the ‘Hardanger National Park‘. Rauland was previously a municipality of its own with a total population of 1556 people. We’re starting out in the old village center . . .
Den lokale dagligvarehandelen – her representert ved Coop Prix – er et like godt utgangspunkt som noe annet.

The local grocery store – here represented by the chain ‘Coop Prix’ is as good starting point  as any!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Tvers over veien finner vi Rauland Skule.
Across the road we find the ‘Rauland School.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Og innen synsvidde av skolen ligger den lokale ‘Husfliden’ med tilhørende gavebutikk.
And within sight from the school lies the local ‘Husfliden’ with a gift shop to go with it!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Den lokale bensinstasjonen er også sentralt plassert der veiene løperf inn fra hhv. Vinje og Arabygdi og Edland.

The local gasoline station is also centrally located where the roads converge from Vinje, Arabygdi  and Edland.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Dette er omtrent på samme sted hvor man også finner det lokale turistkontoret som forøvrig har en pizza-restaurant i kjeller-etasjen.

This is alsom about where you’ll find the local tourist office, which, by the way, has a pizza pub on the ground floor.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Skulle noe fange ditt øye i Rauland, så vil det kanskje være dette? Og nei, det er ikke vanlige kuer! Kun skulpturer! Men blomstene er ekte nok!

If something should catch your eye in Rauland, it might just be this sight? And ‘no’, it’s not real cows! Just sculptures! But the flowers are real enough!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Alt tilhører en lokal gavebutikk som også bedriver en form for hytte-service. Og hvis det er noe det er mye av i Rauland, så er det akkurat hytter! Mange ville kanskje bruke betegnelsen ‘hytte-slott’, for ofte er hyttene større enn vedkommendes primære bolig!

Everything belongs to this Gift Shop which is also working some kind of ‘Cabin Service’.
An d if there is something there is plenty of in Rauland, then it’s cabins. Some would say ‘Luxury Cabins’, as many of them are far larger than the owners primary dwelling.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
‘Rauland stoga’ er en lokal restaurant, stengt på mandager, men ellers åpen gjennom hele uken.

‘Rauland stoga’ is a local restaurant, closed on Mondays, but otherwise open through the week!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Vi er tilbake i sentrum. Her ligger ‘Raulandshuset’! Dette er et forsamlingshus som kan benyttes ved større anledninger og her er det plass til ca 250 mennesker når anledningen byr seg.

We are back in the center. Here lies ‘Raulandshuset’; a public community house for larger congregations, weddings i.e. seating about 250 people when the occasion arises.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Her er et koselig lite bolighus i centrum som vel kan sies å være typisk for distriktet.
Here a nice little villa in the center of Rauland, which may also be said to be ‘typical for this region’.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Dermed er vi tilbake i utgangspunktet, og jeg håper dere alle har dannet dere en oppfatning av hvordan det ser ut i Rauland anno 2015?

Then we are back at ‘square 1’, and I hope you all have gained some impression of what ‘Rauland anno 2015’ looks like?
(Compliments of SRB)

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  1. Seenorway says:

    Oh yes, I’m aware of this correlation, of course, but there is a paradox involved here:
    The more you produce (i.e. the more time you’re using on photography, texting and translations, the less time you will have for surfing on the net, thus you can’t visit anyone! No matter how you solve this, you’ll arrive at a position where you can no longer expand! The next that will happen is that you will no longer have time to respond to your vistors comments. And that’s a serious danger point!

  2. Fantastisk billeder og flott fylke! I believe there was a Rosemaling school here in years gone by. Many of my favourite Rosemaling artists were trained there. Tak for post

    • Seenorway says:

      Hei Amanda,

      Helt korrekt! Rosemaling har laaange tradisjoner i Telemark og Setesdal, men ellers er det nok ganske mye av den type dekor utover alle bygdene våre!
      Du leser jo tydelig norsk/skadinavisk ennå? Så da har jeg funnet frem et par linker til deg:

      • Thank you for the links. The second one contains some artists I am familiar with and also others I am not familiar with. I am looking forward to meeting some more next year when I visit

        • Seenorway says:

          I checked some of the secondary links in the aftermath and unfortunately it seems that most of them are ‘dead’. Lack of maintenance, I guess!

          • It is nevertheless a good starting point foe me to google names. I myself run a facebook group on Rosemaling which has close to 1000 members worldwide!

            • Seenorway says:

              Hey, you must be a wizard at what you do?! I’m contemplating the case of subscribers these days. Like you I’ve gotten close to a thousand subscribers, but everytime I post a new report, I’m lucky to see a couple of dozen of them. The rest must be dead or long gone?
              Or I have reached the point where I loose as many old ones as I obtain new ones.
              I’m fast approaching a point where I publish pictures solely for my own interest. There is no difference whether I publis one single picture taken in 1/1000 of a second or if a publish a photo report of 50 pictures which have taken me 3 days and £200 to produce. I still get 20 ‘Likes’ om sometimes I don’t believee thay have even read what I write. But – having blogged for a good ten years at a dozen different places, I’m not at all surprised. Blogging is a bit overrated, but I was hoping to be able to leave something useful behind when I go . . .
              Today there are more than 4200 pictures here, and I’m aiming for at least 5000 🙂

            • I agree with your comment and am surprised at which posts get a lot of views and others hardly any outside the core group of committed supporters. Everyone is time poor and I find posting on the weekends get more interest than through the week (factoring in time zones of course). At times, I feel similarly to you in that it is overrated, and a bit commercial (if aimed at making money), so I also am doing this as a personal diary, chronicling important things in my life and information that is useful and important to pass on. I also notice the less one reads and views and comments on other people’s blog, the less views/likes one gets on their own blog. There is a correlation there, I think. In the meantime, I enjoy reading and looking at your blog, when I can.

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