Through the Eye of an Eagle

Igjen har vi mottatt et fantastisk bilde fra en av våre fotografer på Vestlandet. Denne gang lener han seg ut fra fjellsiden drøye tusen meter oppe og gir dere et bilde av Framfjorden, Arnafjorden og Indrefjorden, en sidearm fra den berømte Sognefjorden ikke så langt fra Vik i Sogn. Sognefjorden er forøvrig den lengste fjorden i landet!
Framfjorden_1F3A1114Again we have received a fantastic picture from one of our esteemed photographers on the Western coast of Norway. This time he kind of leans out over the ridge 3511 feet up into the air to shoot this picture for you!
What you see is a birds view of the ‘Framfjord, Arnafjord and the ‘Inderfjord’ which is actually an arm of the renowned ‘Sognefjord’, not far from Vik in Sogn! The Sognefjord is by the way the longest fjord we’ve got in Norway.
(Compliments of SUL)

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16 Responses to Through the Eye of an Eagle

  1. vestlending says:

    Her kan man kjenne suuuget i magen Grøss!

  2. Fabulous.. Oh to be an Eagle .. and to fly above such scenes.. Wishing you a wonderful weekend my friend.. x Sue

    • Seenorway says:

      Oh yeah? I’d better get you back down to Earth, Sue 🙂
      Imagine not knowing where your next meal would come from? And you’d
      have to soar in between cold moutain sides covered in 25 feet of icy snow, in gusty winds, snow and thunderstorms (when it’s not raining) most of the year?
      And yes, you will get to fly in sunny weather once in a while . . . 🙂

  3. Mormor says:

    Det var litt av en utsikt. 🙂

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