Extreme-sport – Elvepadling

Så – du har ikke varslet venner og kjente om kommende bilder fra extrem-sport-uka ennå? Ja, ja, da får de vel ikke med seg  hverken disse eller de neste?
So, you haven’t gotten around to alerting your friends about the coming of pictures from the ‘Extreme Sport Week’ yet?  Well, then they will probably miss out on these as well as the rest?

Det er få ting som virker så hasardiøst som elvepadling, men som likevel lar seg gjennomføre relativt trygt. Men selvsagt er faremomentet der – og adrenalin-kicket! Disse bildene er tatt under ‘extreme-sport-uken’ på Voss nylig.

There isn’t many things looking more hazardious than kayaking down narrow river gorges, but which still may be done relatively safe if you observe the basic rules.
But rivers are unprfedictable and, – of course, the danger is there. So is the adrenaline kick!
These pictures has been taken during the recent ‘Extreme sport week’ at Voss!

Jeg er ikke sikker på om disse bildene er fra Brandset-elva, men i Voss-området finnes det opptil flere slike elver som byr på friske utfordringer alt etter vannstand i øyeblikket.

I’m not quitge sure whether these pictures has been taken in the Brandset River, but in this area there are a number of rivers suited for this kind of extreme sport depending on the water levels at the moment.

1F3A6334Og – hvis du ikke får et adrenalin-kick av dette . . .
And – if this doesn’t give you an adrenaline kick . . .
1F3A5147Hvorfor bry seg med  en kajakk?!
Why bother about the kayak
(Compliments of SUL)

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2 Responses to Extreme-sport – Elvepadling

  1. Thrilling and exciting vibrant photo’s 🙂 Have a wonderful July my friend xxx

    • Seenorway says:

      Hi, Sue –
      Well, unfortunately they’re not my pictures this time (but I kind of wish they were 🙂 )
      but we’ve got a new photographer living in the area, and he takes superb photos.
      These are only a few of what he’s sendt me lately, so please stay tuned!

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