Jeg kan ikke helt slippe  det visuelle inntrykket av vårens ‘filtsymre’ som helt tilfeldig dukket opp i hagen vår for 8-10 år siden. Nå har den tilsynelatende tilpasset seg denne biotopen og sprer seg utover.

Filtsymre (Anemone sylvestris)  ligner til forveksling hvitveis både i blomst og bladverk, men fremstår 3-4 ganger større enn hvitveisen. Og den skal visstnok også være giftig?  Men velkommen skal den være.
Bilde 1244b
I just can’t rid myself of the visual impression of this years ‘snowdrop anemones’ which established itself in our garden 8-10 years ago. Now it ha seemingly accepted the environment and spread willingly!

‘Snowdrop Anemone’ (Anemone Sylvestris) are very similar to anemones in both flower and foliage, only it’s approximately 3-4 times as large. And it’s supposed to be poisonous.
But welcome it shall be!

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13 Responses to Filtsymre

  1. Jorunn says:

    Fin blomst 🙂

    • Seenorway says:

      Hei Jorunn,
      Ja, ser man 3-4 år tilbake, så trodde vi det var en mutant av hvitveis som hadde spredd til hagen vår, men historien viser jo at det er en egen plante med sitt eget latinske navn:
      ‘Anemone Sylvestris’, men vi synes også den er ganske dekorativ og – den blomstrer til og med et par ganger pr år!

  2. Dette bilde er helt nydelig. Takk.

  3. Beautiful…. I hope all is well with you? and sending you my thoughts.. Love and Blessings..
    Sue xox

    • Seenorway says:

      But hey there, Sue! (Thought you had dropped me, ’cause I haven’t heard from you in a long time?) No, I’m fine. At least I hope so, but with this diagnosis you can never be a 100% sure of anything. But on the surface of it all, it’s looking good and my PSA reading is down to 0,1 ! That’s about as low as they get 😉 and I have concluded that I’ll probably go due to something else before the cancer gets me! Anyway, I have already beaten the statistics. Meanwhile I keep on photographing for you all . . .

      • No I am still around. with over 200 I follow I often catch up in batches.. and hey if you are ever wanting to see what I have been up to.. you know where I am too 🙂 xxx just to nudge me along! 🙂 hehe.. xxx

        • Seenorway says:

          That is my everlasting problem and bad conscience, Sue, ’cause I know I ought to visit other blogs much more than I do.
          But if I was to do that, pretty soon I’d have no time for photography, and I’d be losing my friends all over the world for that reason.
          Life is never easy 🙂 but you have certainly earned a visit!

        • Seenorway says:

          I’m sort of wondering how things are working here on WP having nearly 600 subscribers but an even 20-25 visits when I post a new report.
          It certainly doesn’t add up? Then there will always come a time when the number of people leaving will match the number of new subscribers. I thought that to be around 3000?
          On some occasiones I’m contemplating what I’m doing here 🙂 but I’m still here . . .

          • We are here my dear friend, because it brings us pleasure to be here.. 🙂 I long gave up worrying who comes by… I am thankful that around 50 do out of my 500 plus.. And so long as they leave with a smile.. thats all I want.. :-).. xx

            • Seenorway says:

              And you’re probably quite right about it too! I was caught up in a situation where people visited me in increasing numbers, (In May alone I had nearly 20 000 visitors) and there for a moment I expected things to grow on (which it did not 🙂 ) So, dear Sue, I think I’ll go, find me a tree . . .

  4. Mormor says:

    Hvitveisen er også giftig. Så det skulle ike forbause meg. Fin blomst 🙂

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