To remind you – no 7

Dette er for å varsle om at dere kanskje har sett det siste innsalget i serien ‘To remind you’ for i år, for nå ser det virkelig ut som våren har festet grepet for alvor. Og da har jeg planene klare!  Men – før vi kommer så langt, så må jeg altså forsøke å pirre hukommelsen deres enda en gang:

This is to inform you all that you may probably have seen the last entry in our series
‘To remind you’ in this year, becuase now it really looks like the spring has locked on?
If so, I have my plans ready, but before I can launch those, I’ll just have to jog your memory yet once more:
Nye bilder 120Vi må tilbake til 6 nov. 2012 hvor vi besøkte en utpost med det pussige navnet
Verdens ende‘, et lite paradis og samtidig en god havn ytterst på Tjøme aller ytterst i Oslofjorden. Et natur-reservat og strandsone man bare må få med seg. Så ikke la det bli med en titt på dette ene bildet, men bruk linken og få med deg hele opplevelsen!

We’ll have to go back to November 6th 2012 when we visited an outpost with the somewhat strange name ‘The End of the Earth‘, a small paradise and at the same time an excellent port for small crafts on the southern tip of the island of Tjøme in the absolute outer parts of the ‘Oslofjord’. A nature reserve and a coastal area which you just have to experience!
So do not let it be with a short look upon this one picture, but use the link and take it all in.
Our best advise for the day!

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9 Responses to To remind you – no 7

  1. I hope you are enjoying your Spring.. Here too in the UK the Spring has sprung.. Lovely photos.. And wishing you well my friend.. Sending Greetings from the UK… Sue xox

    • Seenorway says:

      Hi Sue, –
      Nice seeing you again. The spring hasn’t come all that far over here just yet, but most of the snow has gone exept a few small piles in the north wall. But I don’t expect any flowers for another week at least. Then I guess you have a feeling how far we’ve come?
      But I’ve started fo work the FB in order to market my blog and gone from 40-50 hits a day to a staggering 1000-1200 a day (last weeks count) and things are indeed looking up.
      And my first trips for this year are not far away . . .

  2. Mormor says:

    Det er vakkert der.
    Nyt våren.
    Klem 🙂

  3. Patrizia M. says:

    Bellissime le foto del link che hai indicato. Grazie!!
    Ciao, Patrizia

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