Walking the hills –

En av våre bidragsytere var nylig en tur langt mot nord. Og han var heldig med været. Dermed bestemte han seg for å vandre med telt og fiskestang fra Gausvik til Harstad; en distanse på ca 32 km gjennom terrenget. Og her starter han turen opp i fjellet –
Bilde 4 forlater fjorden .com  Norway nature-005bOne of our contributors has just visited the far north. And he was in luck with the weather!
So he decided to take a hike through the hills from Gausvik  and up to the city of Harstad;
a distance of approximately 20 miles, carrying tent and a fishing rod besides his camera!
And this is where he starts uphill . . .

Her har han kommet frem til Svartvann etter ca 2 timers gange. Og kanskje fristet det med stekt fjellørret. Hva vet vel jeg?

5 a.com  Norway nature-007bHere he has reached tha banks of the lake ‘Svartvann’, and perhaps was he tempted by the thought of mountain trout? What do I know? But here he is!
5 b.com  Norway nature-009bOg ganske raskt ble det mørkere enn mørkt! På tide å gjøre seg klar for
natten . . .

And pretty fast it became darker than dark!  About time to to prepare for sleeping . . .
5 c.com  Norway nature-044bNeste dag skinte solen igjen, og det hadde sikkert vært fristende å tilbringe en dag i området. men så var det jo dette med Harstad da . . .

Next day the sun was shining from blue sky, and it would probably have been tempting to spend another day in this area, but then there were this plan regarding ‘Harstad’ . . .
7 .com  Norway nature-043bVanligvis er det mye elg i dette området, men hvis man uheldigvis lager for mye støy, så må man finne andre ting å skyte på –

Normally there are a lot of moose in this area, but if you create to much noise you’ll need to shoot at other targets – (which someone seems to have done?)
9 b .com  Norway nature-020bDet finnes et godt merket nett av turstier de fleste steder i fjellet –
Most places throughout the area there are well marked  tracks –

11.com  Norway nature-049bJeg er ikke helt sikker, men jeg tror den ene av disse toppene heter ‘Middagstinden’ –

I’m not quite sure, but I think one of these mountains in the horizon is called ‘Middagstinden’
12.com  Norway nature-050bVakker natur er det uansett! Og nå nærmer vi oss Harstad selv om vi nesten hele tiden har beveget oss innenfor kommunegrensene til Harstad kommune.

Whatever name, the nature is beautiful all the same! And now we’re closing in on the city of Harstad, even if we haved been moving within the boarders of the community of Harstad most of the time.
13.com  Norway nature-053bHvis vi hadde kunne se ‘under’ fjellkammen, så hadde vi kanskje sett noe av bebyggelsen i utkanten av Harstad, men som bildet viser – så får vi greie oss med den fantastiske utsikten her oppe fra! Og så håper jeg dere har fått et positivt inntrykk av ‘norsk natur’ i nord?

If we had been able to see ‘under’ the ridge, we’d probably have been able to see the outskirts of the city of Harstad. As it is, we’ll have to make do with the fabulous view from up here! And I hope you have gotten a positive impression of Norwegian nature in the
(Compliments of BHE)

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22 Responses to Walking the hills –

  1. Sartenada says:

    Very beautiful! I loved those landscapes, which You presented in this post. Thank You. We make only day hikes, but they are enjoyable also.

  2. Mariarita says:

    It’s beautiful!
    I really like Northern Norway.
    I would like to visit it one day!
    Have a good time 🙂

    • Seenorway says:

      Hello Mariarita,-
      Pleased that you like what you see, and please make plans for a visit. We’ll be glad to have you! 🙂

      • Mariarita says:

        Thank you so much! I think come next summer, July or August 2014. 🙂

        • Seenorway says:

          Depending what you’re looking for, Lofoten would be a good choice, or perhaps the west coast with its fjords?

          • Mariarita says:

            I would like to visit Lofoten, but the west coast, too.
            I will make a plan and then, i will ask you some advice. Maybe you could help me plan my trip, if you can!

            • Seenorway says:

              I could, but largely you’ll have to decide what you want to see since everybody seems to have a bit different priorities. And I wouldn’t like to send you off in a wrong direction. This is what this blog is about. Surf the blog and take note when you find something worth looking into, or perhaps see more from. Then you may ask, and I’ll be happy to give you some tips as how to do an economic tour seeing things in correct sequence.

            • Mariarita says:

              I’ll keep this. thank you very much!

    • Seenorway says:

      Hey, Mariarita –
      Take your time! The nature won’t go away for the first couple of hundred years, I think l!
      But the cost of travel will undoubtedly rise. Don’t wait too long! 🙂

  3. qcatqwerty says:

    These pictures are beautiful; makes me want to visit Norway! It reminds me of the scenery here in Ireland (with less rain though haha)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog- feel free to visit any time 🙂
    All the best:)

  4. vestlending says:

    Frisk og flott reportasje fra fjellheimen!

  5. allesistgut says:

    So beautiful. I like Northern Norway really much. Ha en kjempefin dag!

  6. Finer Things in Life says:


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