Det er ikke så veldig lenge siden vi presenterte noen vakre bilder fra Risøyhamn, men i den forbindelse føles det riktig å ta med et par stemningfulle bilder også fra selve Risøysundet.
De som tar turen opp langs norskekysten med hurtigruta kan oppleve den trolske stemningen når solen står lavt og skyggene senker seg over vannet . . .
IMG_0211bNot long ago we introduced you to a couple of beautiful atmospheric pictures from Risøyhamn, but it feels right to include a couple of pictures from the Risøy strait itself.
Those that decide to take the trip north along the Norwegian coastline with ‘Hurtigruta’, may experience the special atmosphere when the sun is low in the sky and the shadows start creeping closer . . .
IMG_2564bRisøysundet er en relativt grunn passasje som skiller Andøya fra Hinnøya (som er Norges største øy). For at større fartøyer skal kunne passere, måtte sundet mudres opp og ble første gang åpnet for normal trafikk i 1922. Passasjen ble senere utvidet og re-åpnet i 2001. Hurtigruten passerer i dag hver dag både i sørlig og nordlig retning på sin vei mellom Sortland og Harstad.

The Risoey Strait is a relatively shallow passage dividing ‘Andøya’ from ‘Hinnøya’ (which is the largest island in the Norwegian archipelago). In order to allow larger ships to pass through, the passage had to be excavated and opened first time in 1922. Since then it has been expanded and re-opened in 2001. The shipping-line ‘Hurtigruta’ passes through twice a day, one ship going south and another going north enroute between ‘Sortland’ and the city of ‘Harstad’.
(Compliments of MXS)

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  1. Seenorway says:

    Well, that’s different. Was only looking at your avatar photo,. – and – you are in fact only 2 month younger than me! But arthritis is something we could do without in our age. But I was right then?
    You certainly aren’t any older than that! 🙂 And we do have our blogs and may travel digitally . . .!

  2. vera ersilia says:

    Beautiful Norway.

    • Seenorway says:

      Thank you! Perhaps you ought to visit some day? 😀

      • vera ersilia says:

        …many people are not too old to travel, but unfortunately I am… however I can dream…

        • Seenorway says:

          Personally I’m 77, but I’m travelling with my camera any chance I get. You certainly don’t look any older than that? 😀

          • vera ersilia says:

            Born on March 29, 1937.
            The photo in my Rugantina at gmail.com profile is from early 2013, if I remember correctly, but the Avatar photo was taken earlier when I had cut my hair short again, and I fixed it with the watercolor tool…
            It is advanced arthritis that bothers me too much to travel.

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