Stetind – vårt ‘nasjonalfjell’

Rett sør for Vestfjorden i Tysfjord kommune ligger vår ‘nasjonalfjell’ – Stetind – med sin karakterisitisk topp på 1392 moh. som endrer karakter alt etter hvilken vinkel du ser det.
Andre bilder av Stetind
Det arrangeres turer med guide til toppen, men regn med å bruke 12 timer på turen. Og husk for all del at været kan skiftet fort i disse omgivelsene! Men det er en tur du antagelig vil huske resten av ditt liv!
Informasjon på samisk:
I Tysfjord kommune bor det bare ca 1960 mennesker; – de fleste i administrasjonssenteret Kjøpsvik, men også noen i Drag, Storjord eller Musken. I dette området har vi også verdens nordligst påviste bestand av hummer!

bilde 0  Norway nature-002bJust south of the ‘Vestfjord’, in the community of ‘Tysfjord’ we find the ‘national peak of Norway’ – ‘Stetind’ rising to a height of 4593 feet. The mountain will dramatically change its characteristics depending on the angle you observe it. And there are guided tours to the top. A trip will take you at least 12 hours, and be reminded that the weather may change rapidly in these parts, but it’s a tour you’ll probably never forget!
Other pictures from ‘Stetind’

In the community of Tysfjord the population include approximately 1960 people, of which most of them live in the administration center ‘Kjøpsvik’, but also some in Drag, Storjord or Musken. As a curiosity: In this area you’ll find the most northerly population of lobster ever found.
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14 Responses to Stetind – vårt ‘nasjonalfjell’

  1. I should have made a spontaneous trip to Narvik to see this! Til next time…because I love Norway, and I know I want to live there in the future.

    • Seenorway says:

      Hello Elizabeth, –
      Yes, the northern part of our country has much to offer provided you don’t mind having night 24/7 through winter? 🙂 <
      But the people up there are extremely friendly, as for the peak named 'Stetind' you might even climb it on a guided tour!
      Depending on the weather conditions a trip of 8-9 hours! But you need to get in shape! 🙂

      • Hi,
        What I did get to see of Northern Norway was definitely the highlight of my trip. Mainly Senja, Bardu (Polar Park), and Tromsø. I find the smaller cities and villages charming. Just like the midnight sun (which I was unlucky to see much), I think I could get accustomed to it.

        I was doing research into it yesterday, because I was trying to see what I missed by not going to Narvik and didn’t realize Stetind was near by. I would enjoy climbing up it, though agree with you about getting in shape first.


        • Seenorway says:

          Since you’ve been to Norway, you might know a little about our country? Enough to appreciate my ‘INDEX’? You’ll find a link at the en of any post opened! If you’re looking for anything in particular, this tool will enable you to find it in seconds, provided it’s there in the first place! Please enjoy!

  2. kelihasablog says:

    😀 Beautiful

  3. RoSy says:

    Such mesmerizing beauty in the photos – especially the ones with reflections.

    • Seenorway says:

      Thank you, RoSy, but I must ask: ‘reflections’? Are you referring to my ‘winter garden’? 🙂
      That was just an experiment! Playing with the camera, trying out techniques.
      (Part of the hobby, so to speak) But I’m very pleased that you enjoy my photos, and there will be a lot more coming once the spring is here.
      (I hope!)

  4. vestlending says:

    Det var ett flott bilde av Stetinden!

  5. allesistgut says:

    Hvilket praktfult fjell!!! Var du oppe en gang? Jeg håper at jeg kan se Stetind en gang selv.
    Ha en kjempefin helg. 🙂

    • Seenorway says:

      Nei, dessverre! Dette er ‘reservert territorium’ for meg. For 10 år siden kunne jeg kanskje ha forsøkt meg, men i dag er det en ren ‘risikosport’ for meg. Men flott er det!

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