Northern lights – Bleiksøya

En kjempe-eksplosjon på sola skulle gi oss mulighet til å fotografere nordlys over det meste av Norge, men lavt skydekke og skodde sikret at ikke den minste lille antydning av nordlys ble oppdaget! Heldigvis har SN fotografer over hele landet, og en av dem var på vakt og fikk med seg dette fantastiske bildet!

BBC har nylig også publisert en liten reportasje fra det berømte nordlyset i Nord-Norge.
IMG_3772bAn enormous explosion on the sun should seemingly make it possible to photograph the northern lights over most of Norway, but of course, a heavy and low overcast plus fog made the project utterly impossible. Not the tiniest ray of green came through!
Fortunately SN has photographers all over the country, and one of them was vigilant enough to catch these magnificent scene.
BBC has also caught on to this pehneomena and have recently published a short report over the ‘northern lights’ from Norway. Please enjoy!
(Compliments of MXS)

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26 Responses to Northern lights – Bleiksøya

  1. Beautiful!!! this is the reason i want to go to Norway… hopefully one day 🙂

    • Seenorway says:

      And if you’re in luck you might just experience the northern light for yourself, but – there’s no guarantees!
      For days on end you might se dark nights and then suddenly one night you’re in luck! Your best chances are during the dark periods of
      November – February!

  2. This is so beautiful! I hope I’ll see the Northern Lught soon, it’s in my 2014 wish list!

    • Seenorway says:

      Thank you! You’d better start saving 🙂 Unfortunately Norway has become a rather expensive country to visit, but there are still ways . . .

      • I know… It is definitely expensive for a tourist, but it’s a dream since I was a child! Maybe you could suggest me a good place to stay.. Any tip would be more than welcome!

        • SeeNorway says:

          Where to stay? Well, – remember when the northern lights periodically are visible, it is visible over most of the northern part of our country. That means you don’t have to pay for a costly hotel in a city center. If the ‘northern light’ is your primary target, you’ll be just as well off renting a cabin in a small place as long as it has a good view towards the north. Then you may even afford to stay longer. Remember: The northern light will not occur every day! Sometimes it last for only a few minutes, while other times it may color the sky for hours. And the further north you stay, the better are your chances.

  3. vestlending says:

    skulle kanskje fått tak i en link til den BBC dokumentaren?

  4. Spectacular once in lifetime phenomenon. One of my bucket wish list. I hope one day I got to see this in person. Wishing you & your family an amazing New Year.

    • Seenorway says:

      There are quite a few people coming to Northern Norway through the winter in order to experience this phenomena. Many returns home with a lifetime memory, but unfortunately some return without anything at all! You’ll never know when you’ll get lucky. One minute it looks pitch black and very cold. All you wish fore is getting home and into a warm bed, and suddenly it’s there. A marvel you’ll never forget. And sometimes it’ll be over before you can unpack your camera. At other times it may go on for hours . . .

  5. Wonderful, We have enjoyed Brian Cox on BBC this week in his Series of exploring the Northern Lights and they have been spectacular in their coverage of them this week.. Beautiful photo

  6. I can’t wait to see this, this year!

    • Seenorway says:

      You’re welcome, but you’d want to go far north and perhaps preferrable in the cold season when it’s dark through the night.
      In the summer the sun is shining all through the night !

  7. Rebecca Antolini says:

    Have a nice Weekend

  8. Mormor says:

    Ikke noe nordlys å se her heller, men mye grått 🙂

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