Mellom 7 fjell – II

044Rundturen fra Bergen fortsetter. Dessverre er det en anelse disig idag, men bildet gir likevel et godt inntrykk av hva man kan vente seg på disse kanter. Bildet er tatt inne fra ‘Vidden’ og man kan tydelig se Bergen og ‘Store Lungegårdsvann’ omtrent midt i bildet.

The trip around the Bergen mountains contiues.  Unfortunately it’s a bit hazy today, but this picture will still give you a good impression of what to expect in these parts of the country? This particular photo has been shot from ‘Vidden’ (Tha Plains), and you may clearly see the city of Bergen with ‘Store Lungegårdsvann’ just about in the center of the photo.

056Enda et bilde tatt fra ‘Vidden. Denne gang ut over Jordal og Eidsvågsneset. I bakgrunnen kan vi skimte Askøy og Bergensfjorden. På Askøy bor det idag ca 27 200 mennesker! Gjennom alle tider har det vært en 10 minutters fergeforbindelse mellom Bergen og Askøy, men idag forbindes Askøy med Bergen via en moderne hengebru – Askøybrua – åpnet 1992.

Yet another picture taken from ‘Vidden’ (The plains). This time out across ‘Jordal’ and the ‘Eidsvaag Point’. In the back of the picture we may make out the island ‘Askøy’ amd the ‘ Bergen fjord’.  The island ‘Askøy’ has an estimated population of 27 200 people!

Through all times the island of Askøy has been connected to the city of Bergen by a 10 minute ferry ride, but today Askøy is connected to the city of Bergen by a modern suspension bridge – The Askøy bridge – (opened 1992)
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21 Responses to Mellom 7 fjell – II

  1. Sending you my thoughts your way.. Love and Blessings.. Sue xox

    • Seenorway says:

      Thank you, Sue!
      There’s actually nothing much I can do now. Been on hormones since may and 34 radiation doses plus a heart surgery is all behind me. Unfortunately a side effect was that I wasn’t able to take as many new pictures as I had planned this fall, but if everything proves to go in the right direction, (check-up i Feb 14) I’ll be starting up again in the begnning of May when the trees are getting green again 🙂 Meanwhile I’ll start physical training from next week!

      • You are one remarkable man, and my thoughts and well wishes are with you, Keep warm over the winter, and I will look forward to seeing your new spring photos..
        Love and Blessings
        Sue xox

        • Seenorway says:

          Thank you, Sue –
          Not that much ‘remarkable’ 🙂 but the will to live is important if one wants to get the most out of the one life one have been awarded. I think that goes for everybody?! And with an early spring, I might be back before you expect me to 🙂

          • 🙂 I so hope so… xox 😀

            • Seenorway says:

              I feel it’s much more important to be open about this. And it seems that a prostata cancer is something that might hit anybody these days once you reach a sufficient age.
              The real problem is that there are no indications, no warning signs, no ill feelings beforehand. Nothing at all! And while you suspect nothing, things are happening and things may be growing . . . Once you do notice things, it may be too late!
              My best advise to you all is to take an annual blood test (PCA) from the day you reach 55 years of age. Most people get it at a later date, but it may in rare cases accour earlier. But with a PCA-test it’s possible to discover a tumor so early that it’s merely a piece of cake to get rid of it. Mine was a high risk (9) type, but if I hade taken this test earlier, I would definitely have had a better chance. And all i takes is a simple blood test!

            • You would think in this day and age if all it took was a simple blood test over a certain age why this is not done as a matter of routine?… .. Thank you for sharing, and maybe while you wait for the camera lens to have nicer views, you could perhaps share this information so your readers can become more aware also.. 🙂

            • Seenorway says:

              I most certainly will, Sue!

  2. a beautiful view… I trust you are keeping well my friend.. Sue xox

  3. adinparadise says:

    What a spectacular view! 🙂

  4. SeeNorway says:

    Thank you, Allen!
    Again the work of our new guy!

  5. Allen Capoferri says:


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