Lomen, Vestre Slidre

Vi var så vidt innom Lomen stavkirke i en tidligere reportasje, men i Lomen er det jo litt mer å se på. Problemet er at ting ligger så spredt at man bør ha lokalkunnskap om hva og hvor. Og det håper jeg kommer etter hvert, men – her kommer i alle fall noen flere bilder  fra Lomen:

We just about touched Lomen stave church in a previously report, but – there is more to Lomen. The problem is that things  are spread out in such a way that you’d need a local knowledge of ‘what and where’.  For what it’s worth, here comes a few more pictures from Lomen:
Pictures 456Som dere ser ligger bygda nydelig til med utsikt over Begna, og idag er det ekstra vakkert!
As you may see, Lomen is located into the hills and with a fantastic view across the river ‘Begna’, and today it’s exceptionally beautiful!
Pictures 448Og så har man jo en annen og nyere kirke enn den tidligere viste Lomen stavkirke. Dette er Lomen kirke fra 1914. Tegnet av arkitekt Sinding Larsen og rommer 200 mennesker.

But of course, there is another and newer church in Lomen: Lomen church from 1914, constructed by the architect Sinding Larsen and seats 200 people.
Pictures 449Hva jeg la mest merke til her var den oversiktlige og svært vakre gravlunden.
What I noticed most of all was the very roomy and exceptionally pretty cemetary.

Pictures 452Men da solen brøt gjennom skylaget så ble det jo helheten som kom i fokus.
But as the sun broke through the cloud layers it changed my focus to the total picture!
(Compliments of SRB )


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3 Responses to Lomen, Vestre Slidre

  1. -Eugenia says:

    Beautiful and picturesque! Something one would see on a postcard.

    • Seenorway says:

      Well, you’re right about that. Large parts ofr Norway is like a postcard, however, we who live here have kind of gotten used to living in a ‘fairytale world’ 🙂
      The bad news is that we are slowly getting ‘blind’ to the beauty of our own country. We should, however, not forget that there are a lot of other places around the world absolutely worth seeing as well!

      • -Eugenia says:

        I agree, we are slowly getting “blind: to the beauty of our own country. Wherever we are, we need to take in beautiful sites but as they say, there’s no place like home.

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