Are you happy?

Veitastrondivatnet, LusterJa, dagens  spørsmål er jo egentlig om du er fornøyd med oss?  Med oss som leverandør av bilder fra de forskjelligste steder i Norge? Ofte får vi jo en ‘Like’ på hva vi produserer, men for å være ærlig med dere så sliter vi fortsatt litt med å gjøre oss kjent for tilstrekkelig mange mennesker. Vi føler vel at vi går glipp av en del muligheter her, og kanskje har vi brukt tiden feil?  Kanskje har vi brukt for mye tid på fotografering og for lite på markedsføring? Men snur vi om på dette, så vil det jo bli færre bilder?

That’s the central question of the day: How happy are you really with us? We mean – as a supplier of pictures from different parts of Norway?  We often receive a ‘Like’ when we publish something, but to be real honest with you, we are struggeling a bit to reach a sufficient number of people. And we are possibly missing a few opportunities here. Perhaps have we been using our time ineffectively?  Is it possible that we have been using too much time om photography and too little on marketing? But changing that, there will unavoidably be less pictures than before?

Så fikk jeg denne ideen:
Alle er jo på Facebook i disse tider? Ja, untatt meg da!  Da Facebook startet opp betinget man seg kommersiell og vederlagsfri bruksrett til alt som ble publisert, og siden jeg driver mest med bilder, så var dette noe jeg ikke kunne godta. Men i ettertid har jo Facebook vokst til utrolig størrelse, og en milliard mennesker eller mer er på Facebook. Så slo det meg:  Hvis dere er fornøyd med SeeNorway; hvis dere føler at dere kan forsvare å anbefale venner å besøke oss, – hva med å gi oss en hjelpende hånd og gjøre akkurat det?
Å gi vår adresse til venner og ‘venners venner’ med en personlig anbefaling om å ta en titt?
Det ville antagelig kun ta minutter, men sannsynligvis ville vår verden endre seg dramatisk. Og langt flere ville kunne nyte publiserte bilder når de hadde tid og anledning?
Samtidig kunne vi med god samvittighet bruke enda mer tid på fotografering.
Har vi en avtale?

Then I got this idea:
Everybody seem to be on Facebook these days?  Except me!  At the time Facebook started up, they demanded commercial right withou any form of compensation to all material published. And since I’m into photos it was not acceptable to me. Thus I’never opened a FB profile!
Since then, Facebook has grown to a incredible volume. There must be at least a billion people enjoying a FB-profile? Then it hit me:
If you are really satisfied with SeeNorway, the quality of our pictures and the way we work;
if you feel you can defend asking your friends (and your friends friends 🙂  ) to visit us?
How about giving us a helping hand here? If you all conveyed our adress to all your registered friends with a recommendation to visit?  It would probably only take you a few minutes, but I sincerely believe our day would change dramatically?  And we could with the best of conscience  use even more time on photography for your benefit.
Do we have a deal?
Nye bilder 298
, la pregunta de hoy es si usted es realmente feliz con nosotros? Con nosotros como proveedor de las imágenes de los más diversos lugares en Noruega? A menudo tenemos la Like’ en lo que producimos, pero para ser honesto con usted, así que todavía está luchando un poco para darnos a conocer a bastante gente. Sentimos que perdemos algunas oportunidades aquí, y tal vez hemos estado haciendo algún error? Tal vez hemos pasado demasiado tiempo en la fotografía y demasiado poco en la comercialización? Pero cambiar esto, entonces seguramente se convertirá en un menor número de imágenes?

Así que me dio esta idea:
La mayoría de las personas están en el Facebook en estos tiempos? , menos yo! Cuando Facebook empezó, exigieron el derecho comercial y libre de regalías para usar todo lo que se publicó, y como yo lo hago sobre todo fotos, esto era algo que no podía aceptar. Pero en retrospectiva, el Facebook ha crecido hasta el tamaño increíble, y de mil millones de personas o más están en Facebook. Entonces me di cuenta: Si usted está satisfecho con SeeNorway, si usted siente que puede defender a recomendar amigos a visitarnos ¿y nos da una mano amiga y hacer eso?
Para dar nuestra dirección a sus amigos y los amigos de los amigos de ‘con una recomendación personal a echar un vistazo?
Probablemente sólo tienen minutos, pero probablemente cambiaría nuestro mundo dramáticamente. Y muchos más serían capaces de disfrutar de las imágenes publicadas cuando tenían tiempo y la oportunidad?
Al mismo tiempo, podríamos con la mejor conciencia, pasar más tiempo en la fotografía.
¿Tenemos un trato?

Lusterfjorden, SognJa, das ist heute die Frage, wenn Sie mit uns zufrieden sind? Mit uns als Lieferant von Bildern aus den verschiedensten Orten in Norwegen? Oft erhalten wir die ‘Like‘ auf, was wir produzieren, aber um ehrlich zu sein mit Ihnen, damit wir kämpfen noch ein bisschen, damit wir uns genügend Menschen bekannt. Wir glauben, dass wir einige Chancen verpassen hier, und vielleicht haben wir falsch gemacht? Vielleicht haben wir zu viel Zeit auf die Fotografie verbracht und zu wenig auf Marketing? Aber wenn wir das machen, dann wird es sicherlich weniger Aufnahmen werden?

Also habe ich diese Idee:
Die meisten Menschen sind auf der Facebook in diesen Zeiten? Ja, außer mir! Bei Facebook begann, forderten sie die Handels-und gebührenfreies Recht auf alles, was veröffentlicht wurde, zu verwenden, und da ich meist Bilder tun, das war etwas, was ich nicht akzeptieren konnte. Aber im Nachhinein hat die Facebook zu unglaublichen Größe gewachsen, und eine Milliarde oder mehr Personen sind auf Facebook. Dann traf es mich: Wenn Sie mit SeeNorway zufrieden sind, wenn Sie denken, Sie können verteidigen Freunden empfehlen, uns zu besuchen wie wäre es, uns eine helfende Hand und genau das tun?
Um unsere Adresse an Ihre Freunde und Freunde” Freunde “mit einer persönlichen Empfehlung zu geben, um einen Blick zu nehmen?
Es wäre wahrscheinlich nur Minuten dauern, aber wahrscheinlich würde unsere Welt dramatisch verändern. Und viele mehr wäre in der Lage, die veröffentlichten Bilder genießen, wenn sie Zeit und Gelegenheit hatte?
Gleichzeitig konnten wir mit dem besten Gewissen verbringen noch mehr Zeit auf die Fotografie.
Haben wir einen Deal?
(Compliments of SRB )


About Seenorway

'See Norway' vil i fremtid befatte seg med å vise bildereportasjer fra byer, kommuner og tettsteder rundt i Norge. 'See Norway' will take pride in showing you picture reports from communities and settlements throughout Norway. Contact:
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17 Responses to Are you happy?

  1. joshi daniel says:

    beautiful landscapes 🙂

    • Seenorway says:

      Hi Joshi,

      Glad you think so. These have been displayed before at some time but serve as a reminder to the text and its meaning. I have, however, just released a new report on Vang in Valdres.
      Take a peek if you will.

  2. vestlending says:

    Ja, her er du inne på ett essensielt spørsmål? jeg har også spurt meg selv flere ganger hvorfor storslåtte bilder fra Fjord Norge ikke oppnår like mange likes som ett innsekts bilde?

  3. Pat . says:

    You take great photos and I love looking at them – I am happy 🙂
    It seems that you are not happy. You need to ask yourself why you blog. There is no right answer – but there is no point doing it unless you enjoy it. You create lovely posts because of the beautiful photos – why would that not be enough reward in itself – irrespective of how many people see them?

    • Seenorway says:

      You have some valid points here, Pat, but I would be lying to you (and to myself) if I said the respons didn’t matter. Then (theoretically) I should be just as happy if there was only one respons? After having invested 300 miles, gasoline, hotel and a full day in the field? One? I would like to think most of us would find something better to do? Of course, I’d still be taking photos. It’s my passion and my hobby, but I really wouldn’t need a blog, would I ?
      As it is, I’ve been blogging for years. My first was in 2005 and I’ve been at it ever since. And after having had in excess of a million hits on previous blogs, I know the potential of Internet, but it takes a lot of time and work to get there. And time is a luxury I no longer have. Instead I’ve receeived a diagnosis that might limit time at my disposal in the future, and that’s why I’m trying to cut a few corners here. Don’t misunderstand me now. This is a 100% voluntary thing, and I do not need the help from everybody, but then again every little bit is a positive contribution. I’m quite happy with the followers I’ve got, but it’s always nice to know that one might reach even more people? Don’t we all? I’ll leave it at that.

  4. MikeW says:

    I’d be happy to be there, that’s for sure!

    • Seenorway says:

      Great! Please inform your friends of our address. The more that know about us, the more ‘friends’might be informed in the next phase 🙂

      • MikeW says:

        Friend, feel free to come comment at my site about physical training, conditioning, and sport opportunities in Norway. That angle is shared between our blogs and could generate mutual interest!

  5. kalabalu says:

    We are happy but seems you are not happy with the number of likes you get or perhaps the rating is not enough. Yes, you can tap all medias, facebook is the favorite, so all members of your group should like it at facebook and also open a page for it..sort of a group..

    • Seenorway says:

      As I said: I’m NOT on Facebook myself, and therefore I can’t use this opportunity.
      I’m actually very happy with my followers and the ‘likes’ I get. They are all coming back every time. What I need is that more people discover my adress. They can’t visit something they don’t know exist. That’s my problem.

  6. renxkyoko says:

    Your photos are all stunning. They could make anyone wish he/she could see those places on person.

    I will give the link on your site on my next post.

  7. Seenorway says:

    Takker så meget. Det tyder jo på at du er fornøyd? 🙂
    Men gir du oss en hånd . . .?

  8. ledrakenoir says:

    Flotte billeder fra Norge… 🙂

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