Lomen Stavkirke

Pictures 446Lomen stavkirke er en såkalt ‘søylestavkirke’ og man tror den skriver seg fra omkring 1192 AC. En viss utvidelse ble foretatt i 1750 for å skaffe et noe større kirkerom. Ellers er det smått med parkeringsmuligheter for dem som gjerne vil se nærmere på kirken. En evt. parkering må skje på en liten plass nede ved hovedveien ca 40-50 meter under kirken.
Følgelig ble det kun et avstandsbilde denne gang.
Men – heldigvis finnes det andre muligheter til å vise flere bilder fra Lomen stavkirke!
Et par er riktignok fra andre kirker, bl.a. ‘Vestre Slidre katedralen, men sammenligner man med overstående så ser man fort hva som er hva.

‘Lomen stave church’ is a so called ‘pillar stave church’, and it is believed to be from somewhere around 1192 AC.  In 1750 the church room was expanded. But there is no place to park your car in the vicinity of the church if you’d want to take a closer look at the church. Limited parking facilities are located down by the main road a hundred yards down a rather narrow road, and that’s the reason that I have taken only one ‘distance shot’ of this church.
Fortunately there are other ways to enable you to have a peek inside. Here you’ll find at least another 20 pictures of the church, outside as well as inside, but unfortunately there are also pictures here from other churches. But keeping my initial picture on your ‘inner eye’, I think that you’ll quickly see what’s what, and what’s not 🙂
(Compliments of SRB )


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  1. Dilip says:

    So beautiful and exquisite! Thanks.

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