Admission restricted!

Enkelte serveringssteder har strengere betingelser enn andre før de slipper tørste gjester inn, og selv om det ikke går direkte på ‘alder’ så kan det være litt av en hinderløp før man kan få servering!  Her har jeg fotografert en slik ‘restaurant’ –  🙂

Some bars or eateries have tougher rules than others before thirsty guests may get served, and even if it doesn’t directly specify ‘age’, it may be somewhat of an obstacle course before one may get served. Here I have photographed the entrance to such a ‘restaurant’ –   🙂
Picture 7039Puh, det var visst liten vits i på stelle håret før jeg dro . . .
Puh, it certainly wasn’t any point in the grooming  my hair before I left . . .
Picture 6370Men hvis jeg nå bare ikke hadde hatt all denne bagasjen å dra på – ?
But if I only didn’t have all this luggage to carry around – ?!
(Compliments of SRB )

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6 Responses to Admission restricted!

  1. This little Bee looks to be carrying lots of pollen… Love the photos
    Hope you are well.. you are not forgotten..
    Be well my friend…

    • Seenorway says:

      Hi Sue,
      Thanks for your interest. For the time being I’m taking one day at the time. it’s not too bad, but the real tests are still ahead of me. Preliminary preparations within the next couple of days, but radiation treatments will according to plan start on aug 27th.

      • Sending healing thoughts your way my friend, pull in the light of nature you love so well, And send it to concentrate upon the problem and know it is being zapped and dissolved…
        Love and Healing

        • Seenorway says:

          Thank you so much, Sue, but it wasn’t all that serious this time. It was surgical, but was about placing some gold particles in startegic position in order to enable them to aim the beams accurately when the time come. And it does! 😀 DD-day seems to be aug. 27th.


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