Bergen – Fisketorget


Fisketorget i Bergen er blitt en av de mest populære attraksjoner i byen!

Fish Market in Bergen is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city

Bergen, Nordnes og Fisketorget 493


Alle sjøens delikatesser er å få kjøpt her!
All the delicacies of the sea may be bought here

Bergen, Nordnes og Fisketorget 496

Sjømaten holdes i live til du har kjøpt den!
The seafood is kept alive until you’ve purchased it!

Bergen, Nordnes og Fisketorget 498

Den verdenskjente norske laksen finnes her i forskjellige variasjoner!
The world renowned norwegian salomon may be found here i different variations.


Her møtes nordmenn og turister fra hele verden. Her møtes fattig og rik. Her møtes alle som setter pris på sunn og god sjømat.

Here Norwegians meet tourists from all over the world. Here rich meets poor. Here
everybody  with a preference for healthy fresh seafood meet – all year around!


Fisketorget finnes nå også under tak for dager med dårlig vær!
Fishmarket are now also under roof for days with bad weather!

Bergen, Nordnes og Fisketorget 500

Denne isbjørnen hadde hørt om fisketorget i Bergen og kom hele veien fra Svalbard! Her fikk han jobb som vakt og ble betalt i fiske rester!

The polarbear had heard about the Fish market in Bergen and came down – all the way from Svalbard! Here he got a job as a security guard and was possibly paid with ‘left overs’ from the current sales! 🙂

For flere bilder fra fiskemarkedet i Bergen – Se her!
For more pictures from the Fish market in Bergen – Look here!


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5 Responses to Bergen – Fisketorget

  1. DDawnC says:

    The Fisketorget is a wonderful place to see what the Norwegian seas have to offer the Norwegian people. One thing that really surprised me when we visited in 2009 was the place selling seal and other pelts. They were draped in fair-sized stacks over saw horses- so beautiful, but a little… sad to a foreigner not used to seeing them. Are these animals overpopulated in the area or pests for the commercial fisherman, or is the meat a common food so that the pelts may as well be used, too? I’m sincerely curious about the reasons for them being there.

    • Seenorway says:

      Hi Dawn,
      As far as I know there are few Norwegians eating seal meat, but – you’re absolutely right about ‘being a pest’ up and down the coast for the fishing industry. Not only do they raid the nets but just as often they fasten in the nets themselves. And being rather heavy an strong animals, they do a lot of damage. They also eat a lot of fish out of the nets and also the younger fish in our coastal waters. And they are so plentyful in some areas that they just have to be reduced somewhat. And when they’re shot the pelts will, of course, be utilized. However, the seal hunt of yesterday, where specialized ships probed the polar ice for months, has been heavily reduces for many years ago.
      In Norwegian waters there excist only a limitid hunting on two or three types of seals, and that’s probably what you have seen. Some ships are still hunting seals in the russian zone of the polar sea and a few ships are doing the same in the waters surrounding Greenland.

  2. joshi daniel says:

    loved those buildings 🙂

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