To my friend, Maurice –

Jeg kan av og til ikke dy meg for å fotografere litt ekstreme solnedganger, særlig dersom det finnes elementer som med litt fantasi kan tolkes i forskjellige retninger –

Someetimes I can’t hold myself from photographing erie sunsets – on the edge of something else, especially if they might contain elements that might pull your fantacies over the edge 🙂
Pictures 825bDessverre oppdaget jeg ‘helveteshunden’ for sent og fikk dermed ikke med hele hunden.  Men i øvre halvdel av bildet ser man tydelig øynene, snuten og det røde kjøttstykket i kjeften . . .

Unfortunately I discvovered the ‘hell hound’ too late, thus I didn’t catch the full shape of it, but even  now you may see the eyes, the snoute and the piece of meat he carries in his mouth

Og ellers ble det jo noen andre scener fra den samme solnedgangen hvor jeg har eksperimentert litt med kamera-innstillinger og utsnitt.

Otherwise there was a few scenes worth looking at as I was experimenting with camera settings. (They’re your colors, Maurice ! )
Pictures 822bPictures 791bPictures 790bPictures 789b(Compliments of SRB )

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8 Responses to To my friend, Maurice –

  1. suebokeh says:

    Beautiful colors!

    • Seenorway says:

      Thank you, Sue –
      I thought so too, and since they were more or less identical to the preferred colors to what my friend Maurice is using in his paintings, I chose to send him a small greeting this way. You ought to pay him a visit on next opportunity!

  2. Amy says:

    Stunning shots!

  3. allesistgut says:

    These colours are so unique and beautiful.

  4. I am truly honored to be your friend.. Yes, I see my colors, I see them used by a master photographer, a genius. In return, you inspire me. .

  5. twoscamps says:

    I see the hell hound! Great photos! Maureen :^D

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