Da er endelig viruset nedkjempet, død som en sild (og hengt til tørk) samt at mitt fotobehandlingsprogram er tilbakeført til 90% brukseffektivitet. Nok til at jeg igjen kan vise dere bilder fra norsk natur.

Then, at long last,  my  virus attack has been defeated, virus dead as a doornail (hung to dry) and my photo program has been restored to 90% efficiency. Enough that I once again may present you with pictures from norwegian nature:
Picture 200Dette er det berømte fjellmassivet ‘Hallingskarvet‘ som strekker seg fra Geilo til Haugastøl.
Det er langt fra Norges høyeste, men likevel imponerende 1933 moh. Man ser det ikke på dette bildet, men Hallingskarvet henger på en måte sammen med Prestholtskarvet og strekker seg dermed innover Hardangervidda mot Finse. Om vinteren yrer det med ski-etusiaster i dette området.

Jeg kommer tilbake om kort tid med en utfyllende fotoreportasje på selve skisenteret ‘Geilo’!

This is the renowned mountain massive ‘Hallingskarvet‘ which together with ‘Prestholtskarvet’ stretches from Geilo in the east and past Haugastøl and into the ‘Hardanger plains’ towards Finse in the west.
It’s not Norways highest mountain by any rate, but it rises an impressive 6378 feet and is extremely well known due to the fact that it’s located in an area where there are a lot of skiing centres to be found. During the winter season  there are thousands of skiing enthusiasts crossing over these plains!

I’ll be returning to you shortly with a photo report from the ski- and holliday center ‘Geilo’.
(Compliments of SRB )

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Du kan se mer fra Hallingskarvet og Geilo her
You may see more from ‘Hallingskarvet’ and ‘ Geilo’ here

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2 Responses to Hallingskarvet

  1. Seenorway says:

    Thank you! Yes ‘Hallingskarvet’ is visible nearly where ever you are in the area as it sticks out over the skyline. You will also observe it taking the train from Oslo to Bergen or vice versa.
    It’s a very popular skiing trip going from Geilo to Finse and return by train og (again) vice versa.

  2. allesistgut says:

    Great. While a trekking tour in the Hardangervidda a few years ago we could see the Hallingskarvet often from our way. And you chose again a very interesting perspective. And it’s nice to hear that your virus attack is over. Go’ helg! 🙂

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